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Basilisk is the founder of the Ektoplazm netlabel group and free music portal, one of the world’s top online destinations for psychedelic trance, techno, and downtempo. With more than a decade of experience behind the decks Basilisk is also an accomplished DJ. Much of his success can be attributed to his tireless work ethic and productive drive; aside from DJing, Basilisk also manages three record labels the eponymous Ektoplazm as well as Drumlore and Omnitropic, co-founded Techgnosis Records alongside Ben Rama, compiles various artist releases e.g. Ektoplazm’s Greatest Trips, Spectral Circuitry, Dreamshadow, and Organic Circuitry, develops and maintains the Ektoplazm web site, designs album artwork for numerous releases, and champions the cause of Creative Commons licenses and new music distribution strategies for the 21st century.
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  • Experimental
  • Techno


PIPE Live Music
23:00 - 5:30

    ̸BIOGRAPHY 2020在台北發跡的HSINN,曲風在 Minimal / Deep / Techno 間自由流動轉換且毫不突兀,擅於混搭不同曲風創造全新的個人風格。平時酷愛藝術時尚等文化,駕馭 Underground 的音樂卻相當純熟,每個人都能輕易得融入她所呈現的音樂律動中。 HSINN, Debut in Taipei in 2020. She is good at mixing and matching different music to create a new personal style. She loves arts, fashion and pop culture. With a deep understanding for music, she has free-flowing transition between Minimal / Deep / Techno without being abrupt. Everyone can easily integrate into the musical rhythm she presents.
    Taipei, Taiwan
    • Techno
  • Klosing

    What is more addictive and seductive than the unchained melody and the aggression of music? Without a doubt,the violent music which makes people indulge in is even more appealing. Under the incitement of Jazz and Disco, every note is shaking, and every movement is distorting. DJ Klosing is adept at deep and minimal house. 腰肢的旋律,音樂暴力。 還有什麼比大腿敲打臀部更色情?當然還是音樂的暴力,驅動著忘形的肢體。 在爵士和迪斯可的鼓動下,每一個音符都震撼靈魂,每一個動作都極盡扭曲變形。 Minimal/Deep house是DJ Klosing所擅長的。
    Taipei, Taiwan
    • DeepHouse
    • House
    • Minimal