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Ari Sugi x YMS

Artwork for Ari Sugi x YMS
Nov 12 2021
23:00 - 5:00
宀 Mihn Club
279 Des Voeux Road Central, Central, Hong Kong
YMS相信音樂是一種無界限的語言,不論是來自任何國家地方的人都能夠充分了解明白的語言。自三歲開始接受古典鋼琴的訓練,受過大師拉赫曼尼諾夫和德布西洗禮,直接影響她創作的傾向及口味,其音樂都是充滿電影感的情感樂章。 回港前YMS在東京駐紮,可能在城市中的地下Techno音樂場內找到她的身影,如KGRn、Debris、Maison Kitsuné,或是 Berlin Party和The Hangout派對等等與小眾Techno愛好者渡過不少晚上。YMS寄語能以純音樂在香港繼續音樂旅程,以無言書訴說故事,帶聽眾到未知的新領域,把醉美、光明、絕望、風聲刻劃在音樂軌跡上。

Ari Sugi
在人情冷暖的現代都市中,Ari Sugi 希望以他的連續性緊湊之音,帶我們進入平靜之地,他相信,不管內心如何動盪煩亂,音樂會是一口良藥,尤其在現今世代我們更加需要它。早年在日本Labyrinth 音樂節上受過迷幻Techno的洗禮,因此迷幻Techno在Ari Sugi 盡是佔著重要位置。他亦涉獵其他不同類型的電子音樂,如Deep House、Techno House、Minimal、Trance等等,都盡在他掌下來去自如。 Ari Sugi駐足東京的時期,他與Bonne Nuit團隊定期於夜店VENT舉辦派對,邀請本地音樂人如Gonno (Ostgut Ton)、 So (Mindgames/The Labyrinth)及Wada Yosuke為嘉賓。另外Bonne Nuit亦有舉辦戶外音樂節,地點就在山梨和栃木遠離鬧市的深山裡。Ari Sugi亦曾與Richie Hawtin、Steve Bicknell、 Antigone、Rrose等等製作人/DJ同台演出。說到這裡,其實你們可能已經在日本的Bonobo、KGRn、Contact、Azumaya、Counter Club、Debris等等夜店聽過他的名字了。

YMS holds the belief that music is language unbound and free of borders, understood by all and surpasses the concept of realms and nations. She has been classically trained in piano since the age of three, studying the likes of Rachmaninoff and Debussy, and the spirit of their emotive music can be heard in her cinematic yet dark and paradoxically airy sounds.

While she was based in Tokyo, she can usually be found in an underground local techno hole like KGRn, Debris, Maison Kitsuné, or at regular nights such as Berlin Party and The Hangout, spinning the night away for a small crowd of techno music lovers. She wishes to continue her journey of being a wordless story teller of grim fables by painting time with imageries of stars and outer space, hope and despair, sunshine and nature here in her native home, Hong Kong.

Ari Sugi
Ari Sugi wishes to bring tranquility and to cut through the harshness of modern life with his loopy sounds for the mind to focus on. He believes music is the cure to inner turmoil, and we need it now more than ever. Heavily influenced early on by the psychedelic techno sound of the Japanese mainstay Labyrinth festival, psychedelic techno holds a special place in his heart. Regardless, you can hear him blend seamlessly and without boundaries techno with early deep house, tech house, minimal or trance.

While he was based in Tokyo, he was a regular at VENT club where he organised events with his Bonne Nuit crew, inviting local artists such as Gonno (Ostgut Ton), So (Mindgames/The Labyrinth) and Wada Yosuke. Bonne Nuit is also held as an outdoor music festival, tucked away in the mountains of Yamanashi and Tochigi. Besides his own nights, he also participated in events featuring international artists such as Richie Hawtin, Steve Bicknell, Antigone, Rrose and many others. You might also have heard him play at Bonobo, KGRn, Contact, Azumaya, Counter Club and Debris.
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  • This is a place where you can express yourself freely. This place is for dancing. This is a place to learn. All races, genders and sexual identities are welcome here. This is a place where you will not be, harassed, discriminated, criticised or harmed emotionally or physically. Interactions are encouraged when they are invited. Please do not impose on someone’s space. Please respect the venue. We love you. Love each other. Please respect the venue. This is our temple. Come inside. Respect our space and our community. No photos. No dress code. Feel free to feel free. 宀 is a new music venue in the very heart of Hong Kong focused on bringing people together through carefully selected electronic music acts and cultural activities. The 100-capacity venue will bring a roster of leading international performers while nurturing local and regional talent. 宀 is the Chinese Radical 40 with a different pronunciation according countries. It has no literal meaning but can be likened to a roof or shelter. This is a place where you can express yourself freely. This place is for dancing. This is a place to learn. This is safe space where you will not be harassed, discriminated, criticised or harmed emotionally or physically. This is a place where all Races, Genders and Sexual identities are welcome. To safeguard this vision, there will be a no-photo policy applied inside the club. 宀 has been imagined by a group of music and audiophile enthusiasts who have chosen a Funktion-One soundsystem in a room carefully engineered by one of the region's leading experts in acoustics.
    Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR