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Borderless pres. Berlin X Hong Kong /Open Air

Artwork for Borderless pres. Berlin X Hong Kong /Open Air
Sep 3 2021
20:00 - 2:00
Warschauer Platz 18 10245 Berlin, Germany
\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\Berlin Goes Hong Kong//////////////////////////
Line up:
Jeremy Cheung (Hong Kong, China)
Ocean Lam (Hong Kong, China)
BB Deng (Taipei, Berlin)
+AVA Residents
Visuals by Mahir Duman
Start: 20:00
Bitte Mitbringen:
- ein offizieller Nachweis, dass Sie (vollständig) geimpft sind
- ein Nachweis, dass Sie genesen Sind.(amtliches Papier, Post usw.)
- Sie müssen auch eine ffp2-Maske tragen, um drinnen zu bestellen oder die Toilette zu besuchen.

Enter the club on the other side of the globe with BORDERLESS!
Electronic music is a worldwide phenomenon and touches nearly all societies, but the force that keeps it steadily evolving is situated in the subcultural underground. This has shaped many movements and communities in each country and city, which all have the same ideology. With the club as the essential place for this music, the Corona-crisis took the heart of this culture away.
Although Berlin is considered one of the global capitals of electronic music, the fact is that the city has always owed this partially to the ever flowing stream of creativity and inspiration, in the form of new sounds, new styles and new moods, brought to the city by the vast number of international artists, musicians and DJs performing in the city in the pre-Corona world..
Since the pandemic, streaming is one of the central ways of reaching the people for musicians, labels, clubs and other collectives, as well as for ravers to supply the want. BORDERLESS has the purpose to approach underground scenes around the world virtually and interact in real-time with the musicians and crowds in other cities, whether if it’s a dancing event or a workshop, it connects the physical and digital world to keep the flow of creativity and inspiration going.
On the one side, there is initiator AVA Club, an electronic music club located in the heart of Berlin’s club scene, which provides the venue for guests in Corona-conform conditions enjoying the stream from elsewhere.
Borderless is an innovative concept beyond borders for melting music cultures, arts and new technologies, supported by the German administration for media and culture.
Admission will be only with Corona Tagestest and Impfpass, or Genesene.
Masks should be worn at all times inside the club!
The time of the event, conditions for admission, and rules inside the club, might be due to changes in relation to the city's Corona measurements and updates!
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  • BB Deng

    Berlin based DJ / Music producer BB Deng was born in Hong Kong and grew up in Taiwan, she lived in Beijing for more than a decade before moving to Berlin and has earned the prestigious reputation of being one of the top Electronic music artist in Asia, her music career started from playing in rock bands as the keyboard player/singer/Electronic beat-maker.
    Berlin, Germany
    • Techno
  • Jeremy Cheung (Typhoon8 Records)

    Beginning to learn the art of DJ-ing at 16, in his DJ sets one will find a nice blend of different genres ranging from Deep, Tech, House,Techno, Minimal, Acid, Electro, Balearic, Soul, Funk, Disco and more. Having a lifelong love for a wide spectrum of music, Jeremy delivers a rocking DJ set every time with his impressive knowledge of tunes of all sorts. Jeremy surely knows a lot about the styles of music, the labels, the re-mixers and the producers who creates these tunes. Going beyond the music he plays, Jeremy strives to surpass the art of mixing. Reviews from the clubbing scenes often mention his tight solid mixing, awesome selection and sequencing of his tunes. For those who have gone to see Jeremy’s spin before, they know that he is a DJ who knows the stuff well beyond many counterparts for a long long time! He holds residencies for top Underground clubs in Hong Kong which includes Oma and Social Room. Besides Hong Kong, he had also performed in many other top clubs and venues around the world.
    Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR
    • Electronic
    • House
    • Techno
  • Ocean Lam

    Strip away the flashy elements of “nightlife” to reveal the core of it all: the artist, the music and artistry; all of which Ocean Lam has built and cultivated with drive and passion over more than a decade. With a signature sound void of pretension and any need to be trendy, enveloping listeners with her own personality and story as basslines pump and roll between slicing snares adrift delicate vocals. Continuously spiraling and building upwards, playful and bouncing but no less severe or moody, Ocean Lam’s sound is atmospheric, shifting moods and energies whichever way she sees fit. A leader of Hong Kong’s growing electronic music scene and a long-standing female maverick in the overall Asian scene, Ocean Lam holds residences at Hong Kong’s top underground clubs, oma and Social Room, while serving as Social Room’s Music Director. She tirelessly works and collaborates regularly with local DJs and crews, as well as exposing the local audience to regional a...
    Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR
    • House
    • Minimal
    • Techno
  • Resident DJs
  • Das Ava ist ein Rückzugsort für all diejenigen, die sich in der Berliner Clublandschaft einen Ort ohne überzogene Türpolitik und Hype wünschen .
    Berlin, Germany
  • Als Anfang des Jahres die Corona-Pandemie die Welt eroberte und damit auch Berlin, die Musikindustrie und damit Berlins Party- und Clubszene in einen Stillstand, ein Koma, einen Winterschlaf gezwungen wurde, praktisch ohne Perspektive für die Zukunft.
    Berlin, Germany

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