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DECOMPRESSION - Chen Her - Giorgio Leone - Matts Nah

Artwork for DECOMPRESSION - Chen Her - Giorgio Leone - Matts Nah
Sep 4 2021
10:00 - 10:00
Online event
研究指出一但人類的大腦熟悉某些活動之後,將會關機進入自動駕駛模式,讓我們執行所有的動作都不用經過大腦思考。換言之我們在某種程度下就是一群機器人而已。是時候讓我們相聚,用音樂minimal house 和techno舒壓,跳脫框架,人生不只是自動駕駛而已。
Research shows that once our brains are familiar with an activity they 'switch off' and go into 'autopilot mode' which allows us to undertake tasks without actually thinking about them. In other words, we’re all robots stuck in a trance, and it’s that time of the week we unwind and snap out of it with the help of minimal house/techno in this welcoming environment. Life is not a journey you want to make on autopilot.
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  • Chen Her

    Techno & House Dj x producer Based in Taiwan . The journey began in 2017 when she was introduced to House music. In 2019 Her fell in love with the Underground Techno music scene and found her true calling. Since then, HER has been performing in major music event all over Taiwan. With her knowledge and experience, she now works for The Electronic music Label [Our.Muzik.Records] She is also a tattoo artist who is in love with electronic music. She plays to her unique mix sounds of nature blending into her trademark darker and more ominous tunes with different drums and pitches. Along with the presence of some psychedelic melodies, Her manages to create a whole new story every time she's on the decks. Living in a world she creates by her own music, experienced by her own abstract musical concepts.
    Taipei, Taiwan
  • Giorgio Leone

    Giorgio Leone, Is an Italian Dj born in 1991, with a strong interest for Techno, Tech-House and House music. He is making his way on the scene in Taiwan. He has already performed for the likes of EXTRA Taiwan, Drunk Play, PONG, Triangle and Nu Zone.
    Taipei, Taiwan
    • House
    • TechHouse
    • Techno
  • Matts Nah

    Taipei, Taiwan
  • 23 Music Room is a one of a kind, boutique lounge and dance club. Its intimate, yet generous combination of indoor and outdoor space easily hosts a well-equipped DJ booth w/killer sound system, a 4 meter bar serving a full range of 23 Brewing Company beers (and more), and ample seating which can quickly be transformed to an open dance floor.
    Taipei, Taiwan
  • Our Muzik is a group, a family with the goal of entertaining people with unique and exclusive parties, Our Muzik aims to change the party scene in Taiwan and create and international environment.

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