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May 22 - 23 2021
11:00 - 21:30
Guizikeng Camping Site
No. 161, Xiushan Road, Beitou District, Taipei City, Taiwan
”HOOMAN” aka ”倫類”,是動物對人類的稱呼。在動物們的日常生活中,HOOMAN 這種生物,往往是打擾或威脅的代名詞。HOOMAN會吸貓、愛玩狗、喜歡把兔子、倉鼠、烏龜…等各種本來在野外的物種養在家裡,還很常吃許多動物的肉。HOOMAN 佔盡主宰地球的優勢,而動物們的聲音與權利,被剝奪並淹沒在 HOOMAN 濫用資源的行為之中。
在這個《 HOOMAN FESTIVAL 倫類戶外音樂節 》中,我們想傳達的理念:是HOOMAN 應該意識到自己的行為,打破原本與動物的關係,從把牠們當成食物或寵物,慢慢轉變為更尊重牠們身為生命個體的價值與存在。
《 HOOMAN FESTIVAL 倫類戶外音樂節 》為期兩天、電子音樂雙舞台演出、高知識含金量的講座活動、精彩瘋狂的 After Party、以及豐富多樣的素食市集;同時最重要的是,在此期間將沒有任何動物會受到傷害。歡迎加入《 HOOMAN 倫類 》的行列!
表演藝人資訊陸續公佈 >>>

This is an outdoor music festival that celebrates animal protection with a meatless food truck market. The idea we want to convey is that HOOMANs (that’s us!) should be aware of our behavior and relationship with animals, and slowly change from treating them as just food or pets. We want to spread a message that respects their value and existence as individual life forms.
《 HOOMAN FESTIVAL 》will be a two-day event held on 5/22~5/23. There will be two stage performances with electronic music, highly knowledgeable dog training, animal behavior lectures, a rich and varied vegetarian market, and a fun and exciting After Party. Most important of all, "No animals will be harmed during this period."
Come out and celebrate our animal friends at the HOOMAN festival!
DJ Lineup stay tuned!
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