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Music Of Many Colours

Artwork for Music Of Many Colours
Sep 19 2021
14:00 - 20:00
B2F Shintaiso Bldg No.4 , 2-10-12 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0043 Japan
Dazzle Drums主催、ハウス・ミュージックを軸にDJとダンサーがそれぞれの個性を表現し合うパーティ、Music Of Many Colours。第13回目開催は、アナログレコードに拘るDJを中心にゲストに迎えて開催する。メインゲストには40年以上現場で愛され続けるレジェンド、DJ Nori。さらにSouta RawやKouki.KがContactフロアに出演。Studioでのダンスアクトには、自身のクラシックアウトを掲げグッドヴァイブスを貫く集団C.O.Tが約3年ぶりのショーケースを披露。そして前回大好評だったダンスセッションにおいては、業界における超重要人物TA-NI- (temporaly)をはじめ、ストリートダンス界を騒がせる面々が勢揃い。Foyerでは新しい感性が集まる場として若手アーティストを起用。DJはSHOWHEYが推す、BIB、機他、ave。Dancer's Showcaseにyo-rum、DERAIL.、アートはKei Nojima。また、このパンデミック期間においてもチームとして音楽的な成長を図るため、レギュラーDJ陣、KENGO、Heaven、SHOWHEY、Dazzle Drumsはこの日に合わせて自身が制作した楽曲をプレイする。常に表現の場として進化を続けるMusic Of Many Coloursをぜひ現場で体験して欲しい。
「Party where DJs, dancers, and individuals bring out their expressions to stimulate one another」
Music Of Many Colours, the party that focuses on House Music where DJs and dancers bring out their individual expressions to stimulate one another. For their 13th installment, they focus on DJs known to stick the the sounds of analogue records. The main guest, the beloved legend with a career over 40 years, is none other than DJ Nori. In addition, Souta Raw and Kouki.K will be their appearance in the Contact floor. For the dance act in the Studio floor, dance collective C.O.T will be showcasing for the first time in 3 years with their classic act and good vibes. The well received dance session that took place in the previous installment, the industry’s important figure TA-NI- (temporaly) will be leading the pack of street dancers. Up and coming artists bring new sensibilities in the Foyer floor with the likes of SHOWHEY, BIB, 機他, ave with dance showcase by yo-rum and DERAIL., as well as art by Kei Nojima. Regular DJs KENGO, Heaven, SHOWHEY, and Dazzle Drums will be playing their original music to display their musical growth during the pandemic. Experience the ever-evolving place for expression, Music Of Many Colours.
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  • Dazzle Drums

    DJ / Producer Dazzle Drums is the two of Nagi & Kei Sugano Both members started DJing individually in the 90s. Although rooted in soulful house music, their selection blends a wide variety of tracks of dance, house classics as well as current songs... Both members started DJing individually in the 90s. Although rooted in soulful house music, their selection blends a wide variety of tracks of dance, house classics as well as current songs. In 2005 they began producing music using the name Dazzle Drums. After building up their catalog with releases through overseas labels King Street Sounds, Centric Music, Tony Records, Nulu Electronic, Tribe Records, BBE Music, and more. DJs such as Danny Krivit, Joaquin Joe Claussell, Louie Vega, Tony Humphries, DJ Nori, DJ Emma and Tim Sweeney have all been known to include their tracks in their sets.
    • Dance
    • House
  • DJ Nori

    DJ Nori is a leading light in the Japanese club scene and has been so for almost 40 years. Nori began his deejay career in 1979 in Sapporo. In 1986 he moved to New York City.It was there he met Larry Levan and through Larry he played at many of New York’s most prestigious venues including a residency at The Paradise Garage. He became friends with club luminaries David Mancuso, Walter Gibbons, Danny Krivit, Timmy Regisford, Little Louie Vega, Nick Jones and Francois K. His time in New York placed him at the epicentre of the birth of club culture. Testament to this is his role in the film “Maestro” by Josell Ramos (2004). In 1989 DJ Nori returned home to take up residency at legendary Tokyo nightclub “Gold”, while continuing to travel overseas to play at various parties and events including i-D magazine’s parties in Italy and a plethora of major clubs throughout Europe and The United States.
    • House

    人と人を繋ぐ、音と音を繋ぐ人です。デジタル広告代理店勤務。東京住まいの、道産子です。ストーリーは日記のかわり House DJ based in Tokyo.
    Tokyo, Japan
    • House
  • Kengo
  • "The output source of Tokyo's nightlife that ranks in with the world's top clubs The event space located in the basement of Shibuya’s Dogenzaka opened its doors as a key source for music culture back on April 1st, 2016. The 4 spaces, all with different atmospheres, that the establishment has to offer are available for various uses. With appearances by upcoming artists and top class House/Techno/Dance Music DJs. Focusing on high-quality music, the establishment has continued to cast spells on the listeners by showcasing leading artists and new talents in the Dance Music/Electronic Music field. As a place where a new culture is created, it shows its unique presence as a venue comparable to the top clubs in the western countries."
    Tokyo, Japan
  • The House Party In Tokyo alongside with Kiko Navarro, Zepherin Saint, Jacko, Chelsea Como, Pablo Fierro, K-suke, Rancido, Vince Watson, sauce81, Marcel Vogel, Dego, Love Injection.
    Tokyo, Japan

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