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Nov 26 2021
22:00 - 5:00
Zhongshan District, Taipei
Zhongshan District, Taipei
🎫 價格包括了在吧檯給你的特別驚喜 🍬
報名表單 👉


嗨! 歡迎你!
如果你是透過QR code 來到這裡的,
恭喜你!你成功通過NEBULOSA MUSIC LAB 的第一個體驗。
我們只有30 人在台北的屋頂上一起慶祝;
而這一次_ 我們回來了,
我們為 180 名參與者
此項體驗僅限一夜 🌙
💿 6 位DJ 將在晚上10 點至凌晨 5 點之間演出之外、
🍸 量身定制的雞尾酒和驚喜調酒、
🛸 實驗室還為我們的宇航員朋友提供了一個專屬的吸煙室。
🔧 我們的科學家目前正在對機艙進行最終調整,

22.00 - 23.00 : Yellow Snap
23.00 - 00.00 : SONA
00.00 - 01.00 : Dungi SAPOR
01.00 - 02.00 : Chen HER
02.00 - 04.00 : Velvet Collective
04.00 - 05.00 : CYL

⚠ 請注意:為了避免在門口外製造太多噪音和吸引他人注意力,入場後不得重複入場。
這是一個超過 18 歲才可以參加的活動
入口處請提供證件查驗 👀

🟡 🟡 🟡 🟡 🟡 🟡 🟡 🟡 🟡 🟡 🟡 🟡 🟡 🟡 🟡

🌟🌟 Early bird prices until November 12 : SOLD OUT.
🌟🌟 Regular price : 800 ntd.
🎫 Every entrance includes a surprise to be picked up at the bar. 🍬
Google Form :
Online paiement only.
Capacity of 180 people.
In order to participate, be sure to fill all the necessary informations out the google form and make sure to transfer the money
to guarantee your entry.


Hello and welcome.
If you got here using the code, congratulations.
You have successfully passed the first step of the NEBULOSA MUSIC LAB experience.
We‘ve been waiting patiently for the situation to stabilize in order to finally launch our second event and offer you a new and original experience.
For our first event, we were just 30 people celebrating on the roofs of Taipei.
This time we are back and better than ever!
We are offering the possibility for 180 participants to meet in a basement studio that’s recently been converted into a musical laboratory for a unique and one night only event.. 🌙
💿 6 DJs will follow one another from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m
🍸 A tailor-made cocktail and surprise bar will be available.
🎠 Relaxation areas will allow you to develop your experiences throughout the evening and in all comfort.
🛸 The laboratory also includes a smoking room for our cosmonaut friends.
🔧 Our scientists are currently working on the final adjustments for the engine room which will be presented to you in the following weeks.

Line Up:
22.00 - 23.00 : Yellow Snap
23.00 - 00.00 : SONA
00.00 - 01.00 : Dungi SAPOR
01.00 - 02.00 : Chen HER
02.00 - 04.00 : Velvet Collective
04.00 - 05.00 : CYL

⚠ Please note: all outings will be final, to avoid external noise pollution and attract attention, we invite participants to be aware of this unprecedented measure.
Discretion is highly recommended.
This is an over 18 event.
Your ID will be asked at the entrance.
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  • Chen Her

    Techno & House Dj x producer Based in Taiwan . The journey began in 2017 when she was introduced to House music. In 2019 Her fell in love with the Underground Techno music scene and found her true calling. Since then, HER has been performing in major music event all over Taiwan. With her knowledge and experience, she now works for The Electronic music Label [Our.Muzik.Records] She is also a tattoo artist who is in love with electronic music. She plays to her unique mix sounds of nature blending into her trademark darker and more ominous tunes with different drums and pitches. Along with the presence of some psychedelic melodies, Her manages to create a whole new story every time she's on the decks. Living in a world she creates by her own music, experienced by her own abstract musical concepts.
    Taipei, Taiwan
  • DJ CyL

    Taipei, Taiwan
    • DeepHouse
    • Drum&Bass
    • House
  • DJ Sona

    Sona Eyambe is an American DJ, Producer and Score Composer from Dallas, Texas. As a producer, his music has appeared on OM Records, Ministry of Sound, Area 94 and Club Sessions Records. His DJ sets showcase the Chicago "Boompty" sound of House music with a techy, latin flair as well as the funky, soulful side of Hiphop. He has toured and played clubs in Japan, Mainland China, Africa and across the United States. A former Music Curator for the W Hotel, Sona knows exactly how to set the perfect vibe for a crowd, drawing on a wide array of musical influences including Quincy Jones, Kraftwerk, Fela Kuti and David Bowie. He now focuses on sharing his musical experience with the new generation of local Taiwanese hiphop artists on his Youtube show, 好機車 which has over 12 million views and 250,000 subscribers worldwide.
    Taipei, Taiwan
    • HipHop/R&B
    • House
    • Techno
  • Dungi Sapor

    DJ Dungi Sapor is an Amis princess from Hualien City, Taiwan. In order not to forget its roots, the name uses the name of the family. It is expected to blend the elements of the aborigines into Techno and let the world hear Taiwan's most beautiful music, but the song is not subject to any genre. Dungi's musical taste is unique, and the singing skills are unique. It is always fatal to please all kinds of ethnic groups. Nowadays, you can feel the energy flowing around, and the moment will definitely be sucked into her world, and you Will become a believer in the princess.
  • Yellow Snap

    Taipei, Taiwan
    • HipHop/R&B
    • House
  • NEBULOSA is a festive experience based on a musical show gathering the funniest and most creative way to promote the culture. Based in Taipei,Taiwan.
    Taipei, Taiwan

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