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Jul 24 2021
14:00 - 2:00
❰❰❰❰❰❰ Moon Fairy Project - present ❱❱❱❱❱❱
🌺 奇蹟 MIRACLE - Live Streams 線上派對 Part 2 🌺
• 親愛的朋友,感謝您對「奇蹟 Miracle Festival 2021」的支持,因為疫情影響...原定活動目前延期中,靜待解封與好消息來臨,我們就能見面了。
• 繼上個月的線上派對,大家團結一致在空中相聚的美好時光,本月我們再次籌劃[ 奇蹟-線上派對Part 2 ] 希望能夠陪伴大家...在這些等待裡,為生活創造一些浪漫。
• 本次邀請到國際來賓DJ, 他們也是奇蹟家族藝人,今年因為疫情無法來台灣參與演出,讓我們一起在線上團聚!感謝多位旅台與台灣資深的Psytrance DJ們分享愛,領航精彩Psytrance樂章與迷幻VJ影像,滿滿愛與誠意的線上直播派對,我們以音樂陪伴大家,鼓勵待在家中照顧好自己。強大的力量,來自齊心的祈禱與祝福❤️
• Thank you for your support and love for the "Miracle Festival", because of the impact of the epidemic...The original event is currently being postponed, and we will be able to meet after the release and the good news.
• After the online party last month, everyone is united....A wonderful time together in the air, this month we are planning a miracle again-Online Party -Part 2, hoping to accompany these waiting, create for life Some romance.
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  • DJ Radzy

    Radzy is a Psychedelic Trance Artiste & Promoter from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He is the co-founder and main organizer of Epic Tribe, Malaysia"s psychedelic trance collective family that has been promoting and hosting psychedelic trance culture music & arts in Kuala Lumpur since early 2007. Radzy is the main organizer and founder of Belantara Gathering, Malaysia"s annual international psychedelic culture , music & arts festival.
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Duckie

    Duckie started DJing in 1984 spinning private house parties in LA. Then around 1986 got the privilege of joining Madness Attractions and started Djing the E.LA Backyard Party Scene and clubs like The Casa, C.S.O, and Don Quixote 1&2. By 1989 he decided to move to Taiwan and became a resident DJ in clubs like Kiss Disco, Country Disco, Kokomo, Only You, and Rock 22. Now he just play at Special Events.
    • Electronica
    • Techno
    • Trance
  • Psyfrog

    • PsyTrance
  • Soniya

    DJ Soniya has been interested in music for as longer as she can remember. Her experience of learning the piano during her childhood began her love and entusiasm for all kinds of music and rhythms. In 1997, she fell in love with Goa Trance the very first time she heard it. This love then tranfered to the mysterious high tempo riffs of Psychedelic Trance, which she’s been in love with ever since. An art major in performance school, she started working at clubs where she gained lots of valuable training and work experience as a DJ. In 2000, DJ Soniya officially started her performance carrer as a DJ. In order to trace the roots of Goa Trance, Soniya traveled to India in 2001. This experience left her deeply moved and awakened by the culture and spirit of Goa. This inspired her to pick up her backpack and begin travelling to countries all over Asia, connecting to the spirit and energy of Psytrance on her hippie journey.
    • PsyTrance
  • Zakolia

    Psytrance Dj in Taiwan, specialize in dark psytrance. Members of Psymeals Production ,Taiwan and Lonely Planet Records, Japan.
    Taipei, Taiwan
    • PsyTrance
  • Goa Gummy
  • ((( Moon Fairy Project 月精靈計畫 ))) ------- The Miracle 奇蹟 ------- > 源自1997年夏天,迷戀上Goa Trance音樂而接觸派對文化。好奇心強大了勇氣,由音樂帶領....開啟了遊走於國際間各式大小戶外派對的旅程,因踏出心中的框架而拓展了視野。 . > 旅程中全然經歷戶外音樂祭裡帶來的心靈洗禮,放下緊迫的都市生活壓力,在森林裡靜心感受大自然的呼吸與富含宇宙能量的Psytrance音樂,結合螢光裝置藝術的視覺感受!在參與每一場音樂祭後的感動與滿滿收獲,都是累績人生經驗裡最美麗的回憶。 . > 20年來對於派對美麗嬉皮文化的堅持,從未改變。於2016年創立 Moon Fairy Project 團隊,希望能將多年來在國際間Psytrance戶外音樂祭裡所體驗到的感動與美妙經驗能在台灣實現!致力推廣愛. 歡笑. 和平. 分享的Psytrance旅程,並結合裝置藝術與服裝藝術!全力創造一場身心靈的饗宴。 . > 2016年6月我們在台灣台北,開始第一場半室內戶外的Psytrance旅程....感謝一切美好的相遇!2017年春天,我們在新店-坪林的森林裡,聽蟲鳴鳥叫,追蜻蜓賞蝴蝶,溪水玩耍....與大自然和平相處。化為大地精靈一起舞蹈吧!創造屬於我們的月光奇蹟,感謝完美相遇。期待2018年春天裡的相遇......