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May 14 2021
9:00 PM - 9:00 AM
宀 Club
279 Des Voeux Road Central, Central, Hong Kong
𝗦𝗢𝗠 is a new concept to showcase club residents in their truest form. This weekly fixture is devoted to pure music lovers, where homegrown talent can freely experiment with diverse genres and embody a personal sound. Every Friday, expect to see Mihn at its Mihnest!
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  • Teng

    Teng has been playing music across a multitude of dance scenes originating in Australia across to Singapore and Hong Kong where he is now based. Teng’s ascent into the pantheon of Dj’s began in the underground rave scene of 90’s Sydney Australia. He has been drawing influences far and wide ever since, delving into various dance genres - digesting these diverse sounds and pushing them back to dance floors with his signature mixing style. Continually searching for the next sound, Teng still scours genres from around the world, adding uniqueness to his leviathan repertoire.
    Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR
    • Electronic
    • WorldMusic
  • Youry

    4am on a Saturday at a packed sweaty club in Sheung Wan, body to body dancing to a range of sounds from Boy Harsher to an unreleased remix of Madonna’s “Bedtime Story” to Islamic chants over a marching techno beat. Just one night before, in the very same district, police was firing rounds and rounds of tear gas to freedom fighting protesters. That pretty much sums up what Youry does now: DJing from his heart; taking risks, and making history despite chaos and negativity. Youry was born in the late eighties in Antwerp in a background of the nascent EBM / Big Beat scene in Belgium. His father was a musician and Jazz producer turned entrepreneur, while his Chinese Cambodian mother gave him an Asian sensitivity. But he really caught his dance music bug when he saw Akufen playing at Montreal’s Stereo in the early noughties. Since then Youry became a vinyl addict, building up a meticulously categorised...
    Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR
    • House
  • This is a place where you can express yourself freely. This place is for dancing. This is a place to learn. All races, genders and sexual identities are welcome here. This is a place where you will not be, harassed, discriminated, criticised or harmed emotionally or physically. Interactions are encouraged when they are invited. Please do not impose on someone’s space. Please respect the venue. We love you. Love each other. Please respect the venue. This is our temple. Come inside. Respect our space and our community. No photos. No dress code. Feel free to feel free. 宀 is a new music venue in the very heart of Hong Kong focused on bringing people together through carefully selected electronic music acts and cultural activities. The 100-capacity venue will bring a roster of leading international performers while nurturing local and regional talent. 宀 is the Chinese Radical 40 with a different pronunciation according countries. It has no literal meaning but can be likened to a roof or shelter. This is a place where you can express yourself freely. This place is for dancing. This is a place to learn. This is safe space where you will not be harassed, discriminated, criticised or harmed emotionally or physically. This is a place where all Races, Genders and Sexual identities are welcome. To safeguard this vision, there will be a no-photo policy applied inside the club. 宀 has been imagined by a group of music and audiophile enthusiasts who have chosen a Funktion-One soundsystem in a room carefully engineered by one of the region's leading experts in acoustics.
    Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR

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