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Apr 10 2021
2:00 PM - 10:00 PM
宀 Club
279 Des Voeux Road Central, Central, Hong Kong
After being closed for over 4 months, we just received the authorisation from the Hygiene Department to reopen until 10pm!

Following the great news, this Saturday will see our first “all day long party’ running from 2 - 10pm with a rich line-up of local artists to showcase the sound of 宀, allowing everyone some fun without staying out too late. Pre-sale tickets only, purchase on Resident Advisor (link in bio) ⁠

The party will see Shi Fu Miz and Fufu music director MLCH start at the decks, followed by Guido Balboa, HEX music curator and resident Xiaolin, to finish with 宀 resident Misty Penguin.⁠


是日周六首次舉行宀「日間派對」,邀請到一眾宀核心DJ為嘉賓 ,時間由下午2時至10時,來感受宀之聲音。⁠

先打頭陣是 Shi Fu Miz及 Fufu的音樂總監 MLCH暖場,由 Italo Disco Party 的創辦人Guido Balboa, HEX派對的重心人物Xiaolin接力,最後由宀專場DJ Misty Penguin為周六派對作結。
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  • Guido Balboa (FuFu)

    Guido Balboa starts his music journey in Hong Kong. His style is highly influences by his roots that are based in the country of the Dolce Vita. As he is slowly introducing himself in the Hong Kong scene he is discovering everyday something more about the well known and the forgotten artists of his native country making his mission always more clear: Make Italo Disco Great Again.
    Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR
    • House
    • Italodisco
    • Disco
  • Misty Penguin

    DJ Misty Penguin started life when transwoman Beatrice sneaked inside the DJ altar of local underground mecca Acadana and fondled the decks, while her isolated presence as a trans person allowed her total immersion in endless genres of rhythms. Misty Penguin plays around with the Yin and the Yang in her, her sunny outlook and life attitude pushed her to become 'Yang' Misty, playing sensual positive grooves to jack your body and has DJed for opening and closing parties at Eaton HK and 宀 Gallery. And only when she relapse into 'Yin' Misty will she occasionally play an intense set at local techno stronghold OMA, letting people temporarily escape reality and indulge in the cosmos of electronic beats.
    Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR
    • Drum&Bass
    • Electronic
  • MLCH (FuFu)

    Under alias MLCH hides Florian Mélinette, co-founder of FuFu and Hong Kong based Dj. Music lover from his boyhood, this french guy spend most of his time digging in order to drop the secret weapons and classics, switching from Chicago House to Deep atmosphere without forgetting some funky/disco tunes. He play with passion and a desire to get a whole club bouncing. He already played alongside international artists such as Move D, Jayda G, Christopher Rau, Pablo Valentino, Trus'me, Soichi Terada, Jus-Ed, Lay-Far, Crackazat, Sameed,... His favorite expression: " When the drummers change their beats, the dancers must also change their steps."
    Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR
    • WorldMusic
    • AcidHouse
    • Disco
  • Xiaolin

    Arguably one of the most unique young talents to emerge from Hong Kong over the years, powerhouse violinist, songwriter and producer Olivia Dawn's journey began from the age of 5 with the violin and piano. She made her first solo concert appearance with orchestra at the age of 10, and debuted at the prestigious Hong Kong Cultural Centre at the age of 11. Having dabbled in poetry and songwriting in her dormitory bedroom at boarding school in the U.S., she went on to study classical music at The Juilliard School in New York and attained a double master degree in jazz and music technology on scholarship from Berklee College of Music’s Masters Campus in Valencia, with a focus on violin and electronic music production.
    Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR
    • Dance
    • House
    • Techno
  • This is a place where you can express yourself freely. This place is for dancing. This is a place to learn. All races, genders and sexual identities are welcome here. This is a place where you will not be, harassed, discriminated, criticised or harmed emotionally or physically. Interactions are encouraged when they are invited. Please do not impose on someone’s space. Please respect the venue. We love you. Love each other. Please respect the venue. This is our temple. Come inside. Respect our space and our community. No photos. No dress code. Feel free to feel free. 宀 is a new music venue in the very heart of Hong Kong focused on bringing people together through carefully selected electronic music acts and cultural activities. The 100-capacity venue will bring a roster of leading international performers while nurturing local and regional talent. 宀 is the Chinese Radical 40 with a different pronunciation according countries. It has no literal meaning but can be likened to a roof or shelter. This is a place where you can express yourself freely. This place is for dancing. This is a place to learn. This is safe space where you will not be harassed, discriminated, criticised or harmed emotionally or physically. This is a place where all Races, Genders and Sexual identities are welcome. To safeguard this vision, there will be a no-photo policy applied inside the club. 宀 has been imagined by a group of music and audiophile enthusiasts who have chosen a Funktion-One soundsystem in a room carefully engineered by one of the region's leading experts in acoustics.
    Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR

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