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Woohoo!Wonderland Art & Music Festival (Cancelled)

May 14 - 16 2021
8:00 PM - 7:00 PM
No. 125-3, Daguang Road, Hengchun Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan 946
꒰ 高級鬆不帶腦!地表最嗨最燃!꒱
進入 Woohoo!Wonderland 一起摘星取月!


5月14.15.16 跟著兔子的腳步一探冒險的神奇之旅。
徹底的大解放 !
We Are All Mad Here! Woohoo~~

Let’s meet for the next woohoo in the tropical garden wonderland on the southern tip of Taiwan.
Follow the White Rabbit on a magical journey from the 14th to the 16th of May.
There’s no need to think too much about what’s real and what’s not.
Indulge yourself and join the adventure In which only your Imagination defines your existence.
We are bringing together the best of what we have and making the most of the beautiful atmosphere in which we surround ourselves.
Kick-off your shoes and flee city life for a weekend. Come and liberate yourself and bounce along with us other bunnies.
We’re all mad here.
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  • 辦音樂祭的目的不是要講故事,而是要介紹一個新的觀念, 並沒有要特別證明什麼,純粹只想找回對生命的熱情表現。 音樂祭應該是一趟旅程,是一種內心對於某種欲望的飢渴,蠢蠢欲動的從集結三五好友開始,張羅交通工具,打包行李,穿上自己最愛的裝扮,跋山涉水一路顛簸地來到山腳下,走上山坡,越過神秘莫測的森林,呼吸著另人著迷的原始純真味道,音樂隨風流入耳穴,滿出來的興奮在抵達目的地時震撼著身上每個細胞,一股強烈的感動吶喊著:這就是我們的新樂園! 我們要訴說的,不是現代社會所帶來的便利性,也不是商業型態派對。 在參與音樂祭的旅程裡,每個人都是主角,而主辦人則是配角。 在這一段旅程,人跳脫了被現代社會束縛的心靈,真心誠意的享受心中的樂園。 在旅程之後,滿腦子皆是旅程中的所見所聞,新的觀念慢慢萌芽,滿心歡喜,去除原有的預設立場,並迫不及待地迎接下一場的挑戰。 地球革命電子音樂祭,延續過去的精神,將帶領各位穿過都市叢林,來到美麗山林境地。讓我們放下文明的包袱,重新認識內心深處的自己。在三天兩夜的旅程中,我們將帶給你熟悉的感動,全新的回憶,還有屬於你的最美畫面。旅程開始..... Let the journey begin...... Our purpose when organizing a music festival, is not to tell a story. We are not trying to prove anything, we are simply trying revive the simple concept: enjoying a passion for life. A music festival should be a journey, and that journey represents your desire; your thirst for more... From the moment you start getting ready for the party you can feel the excitement in the air, organizing with your friends, sorting out transport, packing your bags, arriving at the venue, setting up your tent, making your camp site sweeeeeet, walking in breathtaking natural surroundings, breathing the fresh mountain air, feeling the anticipation build as the bass drifts seductively on the breeze. Earthfest Revolutions events are distinctive: A step away from the flashy bling-bling and modern conveniences on available at many commercial events. We are trying to build place where every person is the protagonist, and the hosts play a supporting role. On this journey, one can escape the shackles of the mind enslaved in modern society, and sincerely enjoy their own private paradise for three magical days. When the journey ends, your mind is full of the wonderful things you've seen and heard, your new thoughts slowly sprouting, you feel joyful. Rejuvenated, you feel energized to meet the challenges of the future. OneLOVE ef crew
  • 三日戶外野營/音樂/藝術/生活/音樂節