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    • What is the "alternative" mode?

      If you're not the biggest fan of 'popular' Electronic, and you're looking to immerse yourself in a more under the radar event, that's fine. We got you covered. Turn on alternative mode to cut through clutters. The alternative mode, when activated, is a filter that allows you to only see the elements tagged as "alternative". The alternative tag is not a synonym of quality, nor a music genre: it's a complete different ambience with less spotlight and more intimate vibes compared to the popular scene. If you dont agree with this, that's alright. We're aware that we all have different views! But please don't take it the wrong way. All we want is to make your musical journey better, whatever your taste is! We're always open to new ideas, so if you'd like to suggest an edit concerning an element tagged as alternative, please refer to the question "How can I suggest an edit?".

    • How can I manage my saved information?

      At any moment, you can delete or change your preferences and saved payment information from your profile > settings.

    • What's my profile about?

      Your profile is your personal space where all your saved & most beloved events are stored. You can quickly manage your settings, your payment method as well as your notification preferences in the settings.

    • How can I suggest an edit?

      We're always stoked to receive a helping hand. We're not perfect (nobody is), so kindly tell us if you think differently. All we want to do here is to serve you better! To suggest an edit, go to an event or a profile and click on "Suggest an edit". Fill in the info and we will happily review it. Thank you for helping us improve our content.

    • I can't find an answer to my question here…

      If you're in a fog, no worries. Tell us more and we'll make sure to help you. There are no dumb questions!

    • How can I show you some love?

      There's a million ways you can... Let's get social Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, subscribe to our newsletter, tell your friends about us if you think we're cool enough...and more. Drop us a line Whether you just wanna say hi, or you want to share some of your wonderful ideas, even artists or events that we haven't posted yet...We're thrilled to have a chat with you.

    • How can I sell tickets to an event?

      You must be an Electric Soul member to be able to post events, manage your profile and sell tickets and tokens. If you already have an organiser account, go to your Organiser Dashboard and start adding tickets to your events! If you're not, get in touch with us here and tell us about your story, who you are and your events/festivals/livestreams/organisation/music/club: We will be in touch shortly to help you get the best of your events.

    • How can I access my Organiser dashboard?

      Here's a shortcut made just for you: Otherwise, on the website, open the menu and click on "For Organisers".

    • What is the service fee?

      The service fee is charged on each ticket sold on Electric Soul and allows us to cover all the card, bank, transfer, refund costs as well as our support team and the platform costs. There is no other additional nor hidden fee. If your tickets are free, you won't have any fee to pay. The fee may vary according to the organiser, the ticket price and other factors.

    • Is my payment information secure?

      Yes. We do not stock your credit card information. We use Stripe, a renowned 3rd party payment system that ensures the security of our users and organisers. You can access more information about Stripe data protection here:

    • How can I pay on Electric Soul?

      Electric Soul currently accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Alipay and WeChat Pay. During payment, you can save your payment method which will be manageable from your profile settings.

    • How can I buy tickets?

      Go to the event page and click on "Get Tickets" to be re-directed to the checkout. After choosing the ticket types and quantities, fill in your payment info, and the attendees info if required. Complete the purchase by going through the secure check out, and that's it! Please make sure to enter proper attendee names to ensure a smooth event check-in.

    • Why should I provide my real name when registering or buying tickets?

      Providing your real name as written on your ID helps us fight fraud and ensure everyone's security on Electric Soul. Event organisers can check your ticket as well as a valid proof of ID to ensure that the ticket belongs to you and wasn't stolen. Your name and billing information is confidential and can only be used in the context of tickets and checking you in at events.

    • I can't find my ticket, how can I get in?

      No worries, the organizer has your name, as registered during the purchasing process. Simply show a proof of ID, and that's it! If you don't have your ticket and no proof of id or if your name doesn't fit to the name registered, the organizer can refuse your entrance.

    • How can I enter the event?

      Simply show your QR code ticket to be scanned at the entrance. A valid proof of ID can be required by the organizer. The organiser can refuse entry to any person that doesn't comply with their rules.