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20 May 2021

Electric Soul Radio #5: Subez Yeti

by | Interview, ES RADIO


Electric Soul Radio #5: Subez Yeti


Every city needs an all-female collective to shine the beacon in electronic music, and fronting the Hong Kong music scene is Subi 'Subez', founder of all-girl DJ collective Mean Gurls Club, Thur Nite, and part of the Yeti Out crew.

Next up on Electric Soul Radio #5 is none other than Subez Yeti with an eclectic jungle mix to get you grooving. Expect loads of layers of breakbeats, raucous rhythms building up the ante, with the occasional old-skool raps. Get your fix of bass-loaded wobbles paired with robust percussive lines from a night out with Subez. The genre-fluid DJ often dips her toes into bass, jersey club, ballroom, smooth R&B, and hip hop as she heads off Yeti Out parties and sharing stages with the likes of N.A.A.F.I, UNIIQU3, Bohan Phoenix, Jazzy Sport's Masaya Fantasista, Kingmck. HIMAKERCHINX and Bae Tokyo.


Subi might be a woman of few words, but she bridges amazing connections and creates memorable experiences through the shared love of music. And that’s all that matters when you’re on the dancefloor (or tuning into a mix).


Electric Soul: First of all, can you introduce yourself to readers who might not know you?


Subez Yeti: Hi, I’m SUBEZ. I’m a DJ and party promoter based in Hong Kong, founder of THUR & MEAN GURLS CLUB, and a member of one-of-a-kind international music collective YETIOUT. 


ES: Thur Nite, Mean Gurls Club, Yeti Out… you’re where all the good stuff is. How does it feel to be part of these collectives? 


SY: It’s a special experience; that feeling of connection, feeling blessed everyday. Without YETIOUT, I don’t have any.


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ES: How were your early days as a DJ and promoter? 


SY: I had zero experience and contacts in nearly all aspects of running a nightclub. I just had to keep trying and keep learning, keep making mistakes and memories.


ES: You’ve played in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai, Los Angeles, Chicago... Is there a particular night that you remember?


SY: I’ve always had a lot fun meeting all the wonderful people around the world and connecting with them. But Chicago is unforgettable; the Boiler Room x VANS party with 1000+ people in front of me and a livestream. It’s a feeling of excitement and nervousness mix together.


ES: We are living a growing underground club culture in Hong Kong. What’s your opinion about the current scene? 


SY: The most limiting thing are (appropriate) venues. We need more community spaces for artists, musicians and activists who want to be free from prejudices and other imposed stereotypes about how others should live to get together. 

ES: Of course, not everything is perfect. Is there anything you would change about it?

SY: Educating others about the underground music culture. I want to pass down more knowledge, and allow generation after generation to succeed. 


ES: Since the pandemic started, you have been quite active doing livestreams. Will you still be interested in doing livestreams when the pandemic is over? 


SY: Yes, I will still do! Although I feel more comfortable with human contact during my gigs. 

ES: What can we expect from Subez for the rest of this year?


SY: Stay lowkey!


ES: To finish, would you name an up-and-coming DJ that people should pay attention to?


SY: A little girl from Japan - Kazma. 

Listen to Subez Yeti’s exclusive guest mix for Electric Soul below.


Keep up with Subez Yeti on Electric Soul, MixcloudInstagram, and Facebook.