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28 Jun 2021


by puaweiyi | Interview, ES RADIO



This week, we invite Rui Tang of Thailand for Electric Soul’s Radio #8! Having traveled far from her homeland in China to the tropics of Thailand, Rui Tang is a chameleon in Thailand's underground scene who can switch between electronic music genres: from downtempo to techno, minimal to nu-disco; you name it. 


Rui Tang developed her love for Techno music after her first experience with partying. In the years that followed, the partying life would lead her to producing her first mix, to eventually becoming a full-fledged DJ. The curious individual would go on to explore other genres aside from downtempo and techno, like progressive house and melodic techno.


In this interview, we get up close with the talented DJ on her early experiences with DJ-ing, as well as her favourite Thai food!


1.  Hello, Rui Tang! Welcome, and thank you for joining us! May you introduce yourself to our users around the world?

Hi, I am Rui Tang. I am from Sichuan, China. 


2. Your style goes from nu-disco, to downtempo, house, minimal and techno. Can you share with us about how you came across these genres, and develop your passion for them?

I started partying in 2016 and since then I fell in love with techno music. I partied a lot in the underground scene before my first try of mixing in 2018. Then I officially become a DJ. I used to only play techno and downtempo, these two genre are still my favorite. And I was into progressive house & melodic techno for a while, then found it boring. After Covid hit Thailand, I moved to Koh Phangan, and slowly started to play House, Disco, Minimal, Drum & Bass, etc. with positive influence from friends.


3. You’re currently residing in Thailand. What made you decide to move from your home in China to Thailand, and why did you choose Thailand as your country of residence?

I came to Thailand for work, then I just decided to stay here.


4. Starting afresh as a DJ in a foreign country must be challenging. May you share with us some of the struggles you’ve had to deal with as a new DJ artist in a foreign country?

I am a lucky dog*. I have not really struggled, haha, or maybe because I just like to play music for fun, not really (yet) regard it as my career. 


5. What is your view and opinion of the electronic music scene in Thailand? Do you think that it has the potential to become an international electronic music event hub?

It is cool. And has a lot of potential.

6. You’ve recently played for several festivals and nightclub events as part of ‘The SPN Crew’ and as a solo DJ artist, such as the VELOX Online Festival. What were some of the most memorable festivals or nightclub events you’ve played for?

Wow. Every one of them was quite memorable. Trust The Process Festival on WhyNam beach, Koh Phangan, Samsara Beach Club for day party, Taidin Garden in Hua Hin, Saferoom Club in BKK, Two Huts in Pai for sunset session, and many other bars & clubs on Koh Phangan, Chiang Mai, and Pai.



A post shared by RUI TANG (@rui_ririrui)

7. Name three things about yourself that international fans, event-goers, and Electric Soul users do not know about.

Haha, I don’t know what to say! Just hope everyone accepts me and knows that I am not the best and I am still on my own journey of music exploring! I know I have fans who love ‘techno’ me, some like it when I play House music, some love my downtempo, etc.! I am not changing, I am just trying to get better!

8. If you could recommend nightclub events, or nightclubs, from Thailand to our international users, what are some that you would recommend them to visit when they are in Thailand?

Bar 12x12, Saferoom, Mustache, Glow, in BKK. Trust The Process Festival on WhyNam Beach, Eden Garden, Lost Paradise, Koh Phangan.


A post shared by RUI TANG (@rui_ririrui)

9. Thailand is a well-known international tourist destination with good food. What are some of your favourite dishes and food from Thailand? If Electric Soul users were to ever visit Thailand, what places would you recommend them to visit for good food?

Street food is a must try! Bangkok is very international -- there are many international cruises too.

10. Would you name an emerging local DJ in Thailand you would like our users to pay attention to?

Many of them tho, like Chucheewa, Takky, Ring Of Chain


*Lucky dog is an idiom which means someone who has impressive good luck.


Listen to Rui Tang's mix for Electric Soul below: