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22 May 2023

Farewell to a Musical Visionary: Ryuichi Sakamoto's Personal Funeral Playlist Revealed

by mike.lee | News


The music world mourns the loss of a true genius and trailblazer as the renowned Japanese artist Ryuichi Sakamoto succumbed to rectal cancer at the age of 71. While family, friends, and fans continue to honor Sakamoto's extraordinary life and countless contributions, it has come to light that he meticulously prepared a playlist to be shared at his own funeral.

Emerging onto the scene in the 1970s with his groundbreaking Yellow Magic Orchestra project, Ryuichi Sakamoto's artistic journey knew no bounds. He continued to evolve and expand his repertoire, delving into film and soundtrack production. His illustrious career gifted us with remarkable scores like "The Revenant," where his compositions provided the sonic backdrop for Leonardo DiCaprio's captivating performance. Additionally, Sakamoto's involvement in "Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence" showcased his multifaceted talents as he not only scored the film but also starred alongside the iconic David Bowie. Despite being diagnosed with throat cancer in 2014, Sakamoto valiantly persevered, gradually reducing his workload while still pursuing creative endeavors in his final years.

Now, we uncover an intriguing revelation: Ryuichi Sakamoto spent his last years carefully curating a playlist intended to be played at his own funeral. This deeply personal undertaking remained a secret until this week, two months after his passing, when Sakamoto's team took to social media to unveil its existence and share it with the world. The playlist, consisting of 33 carefully selected songs, offers nearly three hours of musical brilliance, serving as a poignant testament to Sakamoto's profound musical sensibilities.

The collection features a diverse array of artists, spanning centuries and genres. From the timeless works of Johann Sebastian Bach and Claude Debussy to the introspective compositions of Erik Satie and the evocative melodies of Nino Rota, Sakamoto's funeral playlist provides an intimate glimpse into the inspiration and influences that shaped one of the greatest talents of our generation.

Take a moment to explore the complete playlist below, immersing yourself in the extraordinary musical journey that Ryuichi Sakamoto prepared for his final farewell. Let the melodies wash over you, paying homage to a creative force whose impact will forever resonate in the annals of music history.