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27 Jul 2021

Interview with DJ and Producer: Dennis Cruz

by brian.hioe | Interview, Feature



Electric Soul spoke to Dennis Cruz, as the latest of the interviews with artists, DJs, and producers that we regularly feature. 


1. How did you begin to get into electronic music? What was it that made you want to take it a step further and become a DJ? You seem to have begun DJing from an early age.


I started listening to some tapes from a school friend and when we where 16 and we started going to raves. Then another friend bought some equipment and I would always go there to practice--ever since then I fell in love with electronic music.


2. You also have a background as a sound engineer, how does that affect your producing and DJing?


I check the sound of the tracks a lot make sure they have a good bass for the club. Producing helped me a lot to mix the tracks and understand all programs, also by doing different styles of music I learn different ways of producing sounds.


A post shared by Dennis Cruz (@denniscruzdj)

3. What is that you enjoy most about DJing and producing? What do you find challenging?


The thing I enjoy most about Djing is the connection with the crowd--its always amazing. Producing is totally different, I like to sample old tracks and make new ones. The challenge is trying to keep your audience engaged and not bore people with the same sound, so you have always to try new ideas.


4. What would you say are some of the highlights of your career to date? You’ve notably regularly played quite a lot of shows at large venues in Ibiza and had a number of top charting songs.


I have a lot of amazing memories playing around the world especially in Ibiza, yes. It’s difficult to choose highlights all have been great experiences and vibes.


5. Who are the artists that excite you and who do you count as among your influences? 


I really love all styles of music, I have been influenced by artists like Michael Jackson, Fania All Stars, Marvin Gaye, Oscar Mulero, 2pac, Nirvana, and many more artists. 

6. How do you define underground music and how do you see your work as part of the underground?


Underground music I would say is the music of the clubs that is not by the big majors record labels or heard on TV shows. Where everything is more about the music, dancing and less about the artists themselves.


7. How has the last year affected you, particularly where COVID has been concerned? Any positives from the experience?


Yes, it’s better to take positives from it, being with family that I missed a lot when touring. And I’ve had lot of time to do the album on Crosstown Rebels.

8. What do you think is next for you in terms of projects? Anything exciting you’d like to share?


During this whole pandemic, I’ve been working on this album project with Crosstown Rebels. I’m really excited to release in July 30th!


9. Anything you‘d like to say in closing to readers? Particularly readers based in Asia?


Let’s all stay positive, we are nearly at the end of this madness and we will see you on the dance floor very soon.