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08 Jul 2021

Our talk with RaveMa² of Hong Kong

by puaweiyi | Interview, Nightclub Events


Rave Mama, a Hong Kong-based rave party organizer, celebrates its fourth year in the industry. The organizers are known for specializing in Progressive, Techno, Trance, & Psy music events.


“Chasing the Rave dream in this small city of Hong Kong, I wanted to mix with electronic music genres, being open-minded to explore and respect differences, at the same time, enjoying the moment together. And giving the opportunity for DJs to play music by their heart.” says Huey and Guillaume from RaveMa².


This month, we invited the team over for a special interview; to talk about their personal music genre favourites, the motivation behind their involvement with electronic music, and many more! So, let’s welcome team Rave Mama!


Hello Rave Mama! May you guys introduce yourselves to our readers who are from other countries?


Hi Electric Soul, this is Huey and Guillaume from the Rave Mama Team. We are based in Hong Kong and we have been throwing rave parties in Hong Kong since 2018. 

What got you guys into electronic music in the first place?


We both got into electronic music at a different time, but what fascinated us in electronic music is the atmosphere, the music and the people. We love music, there’s no class or society, just ordinary people enjoying the same thing together, dancing and raving.  



Rave Mama focuses mainly on Progressive, Techno, Trance & Psy music. Which are your personal favourites, and why?


Rave Mama focuses on music flow from slow to fast as that is what we believe, in this way, people can genuinely enjoy the music journey when they are listening at a rave. Progressive, Techno, Trance & Psy Trance were our favourite. But we actively exploring other flow and music, hint: wait for our next event 😊 

What were some of the most memorable events you’ve organized before the pandemic?


We have to say, our first event – Triple T. The difficulty of finding venues in LKF when trying to convince a first-timer to believe in a first timer and had worked closely with DJs. We thought we would only have 50 people but eventually it was packed with over 200 people that night.


Then between the 1st and 2nd wave, we did Relief at Mui Wo Cobra Beach Club and that party turned out insane. We still can’t believe how many people were there that day just craving for a party. 


Finally, we would like to mention Menno Solo in Hong Kong. This event we invited Menno De Jong, a well-known Trance DJ from the Netherlands, 3 weeks before the pandemic shut down everything, he played a straight 6 hours Progressive to Trance set and we had 200+ people join us. This event gave us the motivation and confidence to continue to promote Trance in Hong Kong with dedicated events such as Timeloops, our monthly Trance event at Social Room on the first Saturday of each month. 



What are some of your personal favorite spots to spend your leisure time in in Hong Kong?


We love Lamma Island especially now that we have a dog, we want to take her out as much as we can. Otherwise, home is where we spend most time, just resting, cleaning home, playing games and cooking etc.

If you could recommend nightclubs to Electric Soul’s international event-goers, what are some nightclubs in Hong Kong you would recommend them to visit when they are in Hong Kong?


Hong Kong has so many great underground clubs such as Social Room, Oma, Void, Mihn Club and Cassio. We both love the Social Room as it gives us a feeling of home, we are always welcomed, taken care of, meeting new people and a great place to experience all kinds of underground music. We were lucky to have like-minded people like Social Room to accept Rave Mama for what we do in the Hong Kong music scene. 


Rave Mama will be hosting their next event, Timeloops (Your Escape with Trance), on July 10th, 2021 at Social Room in Hong Kong from 21:00 till late. Tickets to Timeloops are now on sale here

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