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27 Oct 2021

Premiere: Koma Vol. 1

by brian.hioe | Reviews

Taiwanese label Over My Body’s first-anniversary release, Koma Vol. 1, is a strong album, with songs that are not only experimental but dynamic and highly engaging. 


The first track on the album, Rain Liou’s “Drum War,” may be initially off-putting with its use of a frequently heard movie drum track. But from there, it gradually builds in sophistication, increasing in complexity, and transforming the original into something new. The transformation in the track is worth the wait. 

The second track, Dave N.A’s “Datedrumz,” has a similar rhythmic texture, while introducing lighter, more ethereal tones partway through during an interlude. ZAGAM’s “Landutopia” is more along the lines of bass-heavy dark techno, but what keeps the track interesting are the dissonant tones and the staccato of beats throughout. Fourth, Sandy’s Trace’s “in the (o) of an eye” maintains the staccato and adds vocals and a more progressive melody, providing a highly danceable tune. 


personalbrand’s “Comunitas” is arguably the highlight of the album, with a track that maintains two distinct layers between bass and highs, alternating with each other while adding other complexities. On the other hand, Alica’s “far far” is the album at its most experimental, as a noise track that builds from what sounds like drumming on a can to a caustic auralism that evokes a sense of haunting. B E N N, who curated the album, then closes things out on a high note with “New Age of Luxury,” a track that arguably ties together the many strands of the album with a high-energy beat that alternates between modal registers with impressive fluidity. 

Koma Vol. 1 should be on anyone’s radar, if they have a taste for the unconventional. The album will be released on October 29th.