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Shortly after a release on Eclipse Recordings earlier this month and with her first EP scheduled to be released on Reckoning Records on October 15th, Taipei-based DJ Molly Lin shared ten of her favorite tracks with Electric Soul. 


Overdrive (Original Mix) - ROBPM 

(Techno) - Autektone Records


復古的Acid合成器線條加上帶有vocoder與overdrive效果的人聲samples,用大顆鼓點side chain在一起,讓整首歌呈現高強度的動感,很容易在現場帶動氣氛。

The retro-acid synth lines and vocoder/overdrive-vocal samples are used together with big side-chained drum beats to give the whole track a high-energy dynamic. This track is so good to drive the atmosphere.


Mental Brainz (Original Mix) - XHL 

(D&B) - Headlight Recordings



I really like this back-to-basics D&B song. It great for changing the energy of the room, rising to create a climax. The track is really simple, mainly drum kits and atmospheric effects, without too much buildup. It's also very good for listening while working.


Concorde II - Mani Festo 

(Breaks) - Club Glow


最近迷上Breaks那種不修邊幅的聲響,以及急促的拍點,有點像是未完成的水泥工地,充滿裂痕的石塊。這個DJ Producer的作品很適合混音至一些Techno音樂,會造成意想不到的效果。

Recently, I have been fascinated by the rough sound of Breaks, which is a bit like an unfinished concrete construction site, full of cracked stones. This producer's tracks are really good for mixing with techno to give the crowd a bit of a nice surprise.


Signs (Original Mix) - Pan-Pot 

(Techno, Raw) - Second State


這首歌很適合在peak hour 放,身為主題的synth line帶出整個氣氛,每次放這首歌,大家都瘋狂的跳舞。

This song is very suitable for peak hour. The synth line makes an amazing atmosphere. Every time I play this song, everyone dances like crazy haha.


Groove La Afrika (Original Mix) - Mele 

(House) - Club Bad


本身很喜歡帶有percussion 元素的tech house, 這首歌剛好是我最愛那種tribal 感覺結合的tech house。

I really like Tech House tracks with lots of percussion, so this song is one of my favourites as it has such a cool tribal feeling.


Stranger (To Stability) (Len Faki X-Break Mix) - Dustin Zahn 

(Electro)- Rekids



This is a classic track, especially this version that I love playing at outdoor parties, the effect is very good!


Ruined Future Prospects (Original Mix) - Chlär 

(Techno, Peak) - Lobster Theremin


The strong drum rhythm is the theme of the whole song. I've played this at a lot of parties recently, so this is truly a recommendation from my heart. And if you want to, this can be played quite a lot faster if you like.


Keep On Lovin' Me - Y U QT 

(UKG) - Shall Not Fade


第一次聽到這首歌覺得驚為天人,律動感強烈的ukg節奏加上抓耳帶甜的人聲samples line, 很適合在白天派對播放。

The first time I heard this song, I felt shocked. The strong UKG vibe and the sweet vocal samples are perfect for playing at day parties.


MOXY EDITS 002 - Darius Syrossian 

(House) - Moxy Edits


這首歌只有發行黑膠,我第一次聽到極其興奮,有點bitter sweet的感覺,非常對我的味,所以二話不說從國外網站買了黑膠,還記得收到時那種像拆聖誕禮物的驚喜感動。

This song is a vinyl-only release. I was extremely excited when I heard it, and slightly bitter sweet, this is totally my style. So obviously I bought vinyl from a UK website. I still remember that it felt like Christmas when I received it!


Face (Extended Mix) - Sorley 

(Tech House) - Saved Records



非常抓耳的vocal 旋律,我第一次聽就上癮了,搭配acid 合成器的線條互相呼應,商業場可放來調味,underground場可用來維持能量。

The vocals are super catchy, I became addicted the first time I heard them. I love how the acid synth lines echo each other. You can you use this to add a bit of flavor at a commercial club, and to maintain the energy at underground clubs.