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30 May 2022

Trying to Change Confusion into Creation: A Conversation with Roni Amitai

by brian.hioe | News, Interview, ES RADIO, Feature



Electric Soul’s Brian Hioe spoke to Roni Amitai about their new EP, “Voices”, on Satya.

Brian Hioe:  Could you first briefly introduce yourself for those that might not know you?

Roni Amitai:  I'm an artist based in Tel Aviv, exploring movement and sound. I’m a Dj, producer, contemporary dancer and movement director, passionate about combining these crafts: I’m excited by the possibilities that emerge when they encounter one another.

BH:  How did you first encounter electronic music? What was it that led you to become a DJ? A producer?

RA:  I was passionate about music from a very young age. I have loved digging, discovering new music and collecting vinyl since I was a teenager. I was the music editor of my previous dance company for many years and always had a small dream about djing. I started playing for fun, I never thought it would be professional! I met 2 amazing guys (Adam Ten and Sheimus K) and together we started a new music collective - Dov Gummy. When I quit the dance company, I decided to focus on music, take my craft to the next level and produce my own sound.

BH:  Tell me about the new EP. What is it that excites you about this EP? What did you try differently this time, compared to your previous works?

RA:  ‘Voices’ was created at the very beginning of the pandemic. I found myself experimenting in my studio for days, trying to convert the confusion into creation. We all experienced a new reality of social distancing, that time created a lot of questions; inside this tangle I found a lot of space to explore and create. The two tracks emerged through different processes. ‘Faded’ came out of a simple jamming session; instrumental experimentation, and “Voices” started as an image in my mind: the vision of a woman talking to majestic mountains, her voice reverberating through their contours… the echoes from the mountains answering her. This EP is a culmination and celebration of the freedom that time gave me.

BH:  How did the EP find its home on Satya and what is your relationship like with the label?

RA:  I met YokoO in Tel Aviv when he played here just before the pandemic and we clicked right away. I sent him my music, it resonated with him and he asked me to join Satya. Satya is very special to me because it feels like a family and not just a platform for releasing music. It’s a beautiful group of like-minded artistic people, inspired by similar music, pushing and encouraging self-expression. I’m very grateful to be part of it.

BH:  What about the remixes with Iskra? Could you talk a bit about that?

RA:  Actually I know Iskra from his first alias - Noha. I have followed him for a long time and play his music a lot. I was happy when Julien (YokoO) asked him to remix Voices. He came up with a few great options. We all agreed to release these two as they compliment each other.

BH:  What would you say to Electric Soul readers, keeping in mind that we have mostly an Asian 

RA:  Thank you very much for reading! I visited Asia a few times as a dancer and I can’t wait to be back as a DJ. :) I have a new project that will launch soon, combining original live music with dancers and I’m sure the Asian audience will love it!