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  • #alternative
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opening time
  • Fri & Sat

    23:00 - 05:00

A newly born, four-dimensional, underground electronic music club.
After heavy burden of life, people walk through this space under the light and shadow, where strong beats and endless music together make this space a mystery.
Come on! Dance with us!
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  • "No matter what stage you are at, we are all here for you!" Come to the wetland to create and share value. Wetlands provide sufficient resources, nutrients, and tools. You can make all these changes and redefine the possibility of "space". B1 Marshland|Activity Exhibition Space 1F Estuary|T-park Café & eatery 2F Delta|T-park Café & eatery, Meeting Room 3F Coral Reef|Activity Exhibition Space, Studio 4F Peatland|Studio 5F Mangroves|Exhibition Space Welcome Artists or creators who need exhibition space come to talk about events or curatorial possibilities!
    Taipei, Taiwan
    Taipei, Taiwan
  • un:understand is a very special overview of Taipei's history. Located on Xinsheng North Road, quietly making trouble (?), formerly known as Rock School's freshman shop. Those who come for the first time will also be shocked by the bottomless door, but don't worry, it will be bright when you push the door open, and it will be darker inside. The entrance is a back-shaped Nakajima bar, and the dance floor is only after the corridor. For unfamiliar people, you can only see through the light occasionally reflected in the glass, and there seems to be a shadow shaking inside. At this point we have a suggestion, that is, don't push the glass, because it is clear from the inside. Seeing that someone wanted to come in but could not come in, that moment was a little sloppy. So don't push the glass, calm down, the dance floor entrance is still behind. un:understand respects the interaction between people, and enjoy music hard. This is reflected in their event announcements, as well as the design of the on-site dual zone: Welcome to chat hard outside, but also dance hard after entering the dance floor. In addition to the fact that the space is very dark, it is similar to Korner, there is also a publicity, which is unknown at first glance, but after Facebook ads are placed, waves of waves appear on the graffiti wall, and you can slowly chew them out Some taste... Ah, it was Wen Qing's melancholy, and it just happened to convince me, so like a wandering soul, he was sucked into the dark door. Theme music is Techno , powerful and respected Techno . But no strong performances have been seen so far, looking forward to follow-up.
    Taipei, Taiwan
  • 提供舞池、座位、吧台、酒精、無酒精飲品、冰品,以及具律動與啟發性的音樂
    Taipei, Taiwan
  • Taipei Mix is the host of a variety of parties all over Taipei. We deal with the underground and nothing more.
    Taipei, Taiwan
  • TABOO原意是 禁忌 當整個世界的價值觀已經根深蒂固,禁忌就會存在 禁忌與情感的矛盾、本能與文明的衝突 女孩們蛻變成美麗的蝴蝶在午夜的TABOO中翩翩起舞 釋放著內心,釋放著情感。 TABOO成立於2008年 以提供女孩們一個溫暖、安心、像家一樣的娛樂場所作為宗旨 TABOO像是一個家、也像是一個港灣 可以讓同志族群在這個地方找到歸屬、結交同好 TABOO走過十二個年頭 經歷過早期大家只有在黑暗中才敢勇敢做自己的時期 一路走到現在大家可以站起來 大聲的向世界喊著愛無標籤 再走到了全世界都被衝擊到的疫情年代 我們依舊執著的投入 今年,更將這份宗旨,帶到越南,成立海外市場的第一間分店! 『世界在變,TABOO不變。』 『禁忌因人而在,但我們也因禁忌而聚』 我們『用心』『用溫度』一起陪著你從零到現在 你曾經有多少失意、多少歡樂,你的青春及未來都有我們的陪伴 因應著數位時代的演進,我們也跟著成長 無數場體驗活動經過團隊的包裝及策略,讓你能盡情享受,你的故事就是我們的故事。
    Taipei, Taiwan
  • Based in Taipei, we are an event production group promoting the heavier sound of the underground in the realms techno and bass music scenes.
    Taipei, Taiwan
  • Post apocalyptic themed bar located in the heart of Ximending, Taipei. We serve a range of flavorful cocktails, beers, and local bar foods.
    Taipei, Taiwan