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Dec 11 2020
23:00 - 6:00
Based between Hanoi & Bangkok, Boiled Wonderland aims to support music from across the region in an inclusive and expansive manner, leaving space to think, to dance and for creativity to flourish. Bringing an eclectic, melodic and gritty record for their first release ‘Romjet’ by Max Mason is a celebration of life and sounds from Asia. Through a foliage of local boat race bands, street side sellers and karaoke broadcasts, the 5-track E.P is a sensory overload made to capture a real taste of life in the East. Showcasing some of these sounds in a hybrid set, Max Mason will be accompanied by the elusive 'The Motorist' for a live set in the cube alongside Wat Dẹ Phởq. Hanoi DJ stalwarts Miya, Brandon & Maggie Tra will soundtrack the lounge.
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  • Maggie Tra

    A hint of sweet with a dash of spice, spell-bounding smooth selector Maggie Tra uses the world as her playground. The Australian born Khmer/Viet DJ sets bring finesse and flair to the dance-floor by embracing the culture of the land she's in with wholeness and conviction. Whether she’s spinning Hip Hop, Soul, RnB & Disco tunes, Maggie mixes with genuine originality with a strong focus on spinning womxn in hip hop. She has the effortless ability to parcel every mood into a musical excellence. The emerging DJ's love for travel has allowed her to grace the decks in Brussels, Berlin, London, Australia, India, Nepal and Vietnam. Establishing herself from humble beginnings, Maggie stands out with her flawless progression and her clear understanding and interpretation of music and its emotions. The multi-facet womxn started from behind the scenes in the music industry as a journalist, blogger and radio host. In 2011, she founded music publication 'Stimulate Your Soul', which soon branched out..
    Hanoi, Vietnam
    • HipHop/R&B
    • Disco
  • Max Mason

    Hanoi, Vietnam
    • Disco
  • Miya

    Miya is by many measures a key component of the Asian electronic music scene. She played an integral role in the early game-changing agency that was Cliché Asia in Hong Kong before becoming the Co-founder and resident DJ of Savage Club in Hanoi. Always one to set her dance floors on fire, Miya masterfully blends rare and refined music from across space and time - from long lost disco gems to bass-driven futurism - delivering a sonic experience that is built for relentless movement throughout a night. Her sound is a diverse blend of the styles that first and foremost make her dance. Her sets are as unpredictable as they are captivating. The energy she generates behind the decks radiates out of her and will take you into a deep-diving cruise through her energized sounds. Her sound is a diverse blend of the styles that first and foremost make her dance. The energy she generates behind the decks radiates effortlessly out of her, fusing with the music that has caused it before subsuming the dance floor.
    Hanoi, Vietnam
    • House
    • Minimal
  • Wat De Phoq

    PHOQ TV's most obvious intention is to show that, even when represented in the most realistic way, a television is not a television. It is simply a picture of television that cannot be stuffed or smoked, as it would be with a real television. Undefined figures have a meaning as perfect and equally necessary as defined figures.
    Hanoi, Vietnam
    • DeepHouse
    • Electronic
    • House
  • Brandon
  • The Motorist
  • A music venue in Hanoi with Funktion-One sound system and a stellar DJ selection, for your better nightclub experience.
    Hanoi, Vietnam

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