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Oct 17 2020
11:30 - 18:30
Treasure Hill
No. 230, Section 3, Tingzhou Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, Taiwan 100
動量聲林計畫 feat. Mixsurr
Momentous sounds of the forest feat. Mixsurr

Concrete and nature have long been intertwined in human civilization.
This relationship is particularly prevalent at Treasure Hill, originally a settlement built by urban immigrants.
The venue overlooks giant concrete structures, stood on pillars and stretched across the basin.
Surrounded by lush forest, the sounds of humans harmonize with those of the natural surroundings.

Mixsurr的發音同Mixer (混音器),"Mix"代表混合、融合的創新精神,"Surr"則是取自Surround (環繞) 之意。Mixsurr是以DJ環繞音效技術為核心的新創品牌,能夠讓DJ在音樂中加入聲音方向性變化的創意,並在現場演出中進行環繞音效的即時表現,帶來前所未有的獨特聽覺體驗。
Mixsurr is a new music technology brand on a mission to bring high fidelity surround sound to the masses. Our innovative surround sound DJ mixer enables artists the ability to create, mix and showcase music on the fly in three dimensions, taking immersive audio to a whole new level for your ears to enjoy.
#Ambient #Techno #Experimental
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    DJ/Producer based in Taipei Taiwan
    Taipei, Taiwan
    • Techno
  • DJ Gazer

    GAZER (Gary Chen) is a Techno DJ / producer from Taipei. Growing up in the 90s and the millennial generation. He started performing since 2013, always wears black outfit and with the same hairstyle. His music based on Dub and Ambient Techno. Blends atmospheric and experimental sounds together. Rich in flowing elements and inspires different meanings in different listeners. With a heavy emphasis on hypnotic rhythms, but still nevertheless subtly, yet forcefully, infused with melodic variety. Gary offers his listeners an invitation to belong to a special place with saturating sound of bass. Have been promoting the music of Micro House and Techno under the event label of "Resonant共鳴" and "ANKR泊人" since 2014. So far, have held more than 20 events and continue to cultivate related electronic music culture in Taipei.
    Taipei, Taiwan
    • Techno
    • Dub
  • Lemonfacer

    DJ/producer based out of Taipei. Available to DJ and perform live sets of techno, house and ambient music.
    Taipei, Taiwan
    • DeepHouse
    • Techno
  • Max Huang

    Taipei, Taiwan
    • Minimal
    • Techno
    • Hard-Techno
  • Vice City

    Vice City is a producer, DJ and party promoter based in Taipei,Taiwan. She's been playing different styles at a number of parties and festivals in Taiwan, including Earthfest Revolution, The Miracle, Organik Festival, Spectrum Formosus and Eden Hill Festival. Rooted in Techno, but influenced by various styles such as Dub, Dn'B, Breaks and Psychedelic Trance , Vice City's experiments explore the edge of sounds, evolving according to time and place, reaching out to connect with the environment. Rhythmic, smooth, tense, tranquil. Vice City's music shows strong diversities while preserving a cinematic atmosphere and healing vibrations. Joining Oslated, the South Korean music label in 2016, Vice City had her original mixes and remixes released including her remix tracks "Fantasma" in Bluescript's EP, "Treated By Herbs And Fire" in Saphileaum's "Uninhibited Kingdom", and her original mix "Soul Seeker" in the complilation "Seoul 首尔 - Part 2. Mokmyeok 木覓".
    Taipei, Taiwan
    • Drum&Bass
    • Techno
    • Trance
  • A.P.R.A.
  • Trail Mix
  • The historical axis of the "Treasure Rock International Art Village" located on the waterfront of the Gongguan not only includes the city’s historical site, the Treasure Rock Temple, but also refers to the historical settlements that extend from the vicinity of the temple. This settlement was mainly built in the 1960s and 1970s Formed by illegal buildings. These buildings are on the mountain
    Taipei, Taiwan
  • 音樂Music x 環境Environment x 自然Nature 「泊人ANKR」 - 從自然觀點出發的活動品牌,致力於關注環境與聲音的連結,記錄這塊土地上與音樂結合的醇美一瞬。 ANKR produces music like a wandering sailor on an adventure, hoping to discover uncharted lands in a sea of compositions.
    Taipei, Taiwan

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