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Break The Wall presents Sepp - Music Through Nature - Uvar, RO

Artwork for Break The Wall presents Sepp - Music Through Nature - Uvar, RO
Sep 2 2023
23:00 - 6:00
Studio 9
台北市萬華區漢中街116號9F Wanhua District, Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan 108
回味去年在Studio 9由SEPP呈現的難忘之夜,那仍然在我們的心中回響。這位羅馬尼亞大師以他的八小時表演和無盡的音樂節奏在台灣留下了難以磨滅的印記。
準備好了嗎,因為9月2日,SEPP將回歸,他將成為第一批再次登上Studio 9的國際藝術家之一,承諾再次為我們帶來一個魔幻的夜晚,與SEPP共舞至天明。
SEPP 是一位實力堅強的音樂製作人,操控舞池、誘惑人心是他音樂裡與生俱來的魔力。他在羅馬尼亞當地及國際上都頗富盛名。他在這樣強大的光環下依然沒有止盡地進步並且創造更多的音樂價值。
Relive the unforgettable night with SEPP from last year at Studio 9 that still resonates in our minds. The Romanian maestro left an indelible mark on Taiwan with his eight-hour performance and endless groove. Get ready, because on September 2nd, SEPP is making a return, he's set to become one of the first international artists to grace Studio 9 with a second show, promising another magical night to dance the night away.
SEPP is known as a dancefloor conductor and producer that has drawn support both at home and internationally from prominent figures, all while growing and maintaining a clear identity and scope of his work.
Driven and inspired by the effervescent cultures surrounding him, he’s toured the world and charmed it while doing so through his compelling productions and memorable performances at major festivals and clubs.
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  • Studio 9 is a new music venue located in the heart of Ximen in Taipei City. With a spacious space, the venue will operate as a lounge bar and sunset terrace during weekdays and on weekends Studio 9 will transform to a event venue for music lovers.
    Taipei, Taiwan