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Evaporate 蒸發 presents: Ocean Lam (HK)

Artwork for Evaporate 蒸發 presents: Ocean Lam (HK)
Dec 16 2023
21:00 - 3:00
23 Music Room
No. 1號, Siyuan St, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, 100 Taipei, Taiwan
Evaporate 蒸發是個持續追求律動的 House 廠牌,以極簡為底,點綴不同流派元素,打破界限融合創造,不追求速度或線性的音樂,無盡律動蒸發在舞池每個角落,讓人深陷其中

Evaporate 蒸發 is a house label that continuously pursues the grooves. It is grounded in minimalism while embellishing with elements from different genres, breaking boundaries to create fusion. It doesn't seek fast music, the evaporation of endless grooves of permeates every corner of the dance floor, immersing people within.
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  • Klosing

    What is more addictive and seductive than the unchained melody and the aggression of music? Without a doubt,the violent music which makes people indulge in is even more appealing. Under the incitement of Jazz and Disco, every note is shaking, and every movement is distorting. DJ Klosing is adept at deep and minimal house. 腰肢的旋律,音樂暴力。 還有什麼比大腿敲打臀部更色情?當然還是音樂的暴力,驅動著忘形的肢體。 在爵士和迪斯可的鼓動下,每一個音符都震撼靈魂,每一個動作都極盡扭曲變形。 Minimal/Deep house是DJ Klosing所擅長的。
    Taipei, Taiwan
    • DeepHouse
    • House
    • Minimal
  • Koliseum

    Koliseum is a Taipei based house and techno dj / producer since early 2010’s. His music style was inspired by the golden era of house music and modern dub minimal sounds. After several years exploring electronic music in Taiwan and Australia he believed minimal / micro house is what he searching for. This “deep / tech” style gradually became his musical icon.   From 2019 he became part of ‘’Resonant 共鳴‘’ and “Evaporate 蒸發‘’ two well known dance music label and underground scene in Taipei. As a music producer his own production has been released from several independent dance music label like Deep Tech Records, Whoyostro White, Platform 7even and Hollow Lab.
    Taipei, Taiwan
    • Electronic
    • House
    • Techno
  • Melt (CA)

    Originally from Canada, Melt started off her DJ journey in Asia after moving there and being inspired by the rich local underground scene. She began at OMA, Hong Kong a staple in the underground scene, and since then she has played in various places in Hong Kong, Vietnam, Canada, and Mexico. She takes inspirations from diverse genres such as ambient, minimal, house and techno. And also from the experiences from living abroad. She tries to push and evolve her sound to provide a deeper experience for the crowd's listening journey.
    Vancouver, Canada
  • Ocean Lam

    Strip away the flashy elements of “nightlife” to reveal the core of it all: the artist, the music and artistry; all of which Ocean Lam has built and cultivated with drive and passion over more than a decade. With a signature sound void of pretension and any need to be trendy, enveloping listeners with her own personality and story as basslines pump and roll between slicing snares adrift delicate vocals. Continuously spiraling and building upwards, playful and bouncing but no less severe or moody, Ocean Lam’s sound is atmospheric, shifting moods and energies whichever way she sees fit. A leader of Hong Kong’s growing electronic music scene and a long-standing female maverick in the overall Asian scene, Ocean Lam holds residences at Hong Kong’s top underground clubs, oma and Social Room, while serving as Social Room’s Music Director. She tirelessly works and collaborates regularly with local DJs and crews, as well as exposing the local audience to regional a...
    Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR
    • House
    • Minimal
    • Techno
  • Azrael
  • 23 Music Room is a one of a kind, boutique lounge and dance club. Its intimate, yet generous combination of indoor and outdoor space easily hosts a well-equipped DJ booth w/killer sound system, a 4 meter bar serving a full range of 23 Brewing Company beers (and more), and ample seating which can quickly be transformed to an open dance floor.
    Taipei, Taiwan