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Jan 23 2021
23:00 - 3:00
Secret location - Hong Kong
We heard you calling and we are going back! This time, let's get lost, properly! Entering to the danceThis time, let's get lost, properly! Entering to the dance floor, fleshy lights shining to your eyes, loud music goes straight into your ears your vein, your feet begin to start dancing.
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  • Cancelled


  • Anil Ahuja

    Enticing the crowd with an infectious energy that moves feet and make bodies writhe, DJ Anil Ahuja is a party pied piper. He leads his children of the night with a unique infusion of Progressive, Iberican, and Tribal style he calls “tribalgression”. Flowing with creativity, DJ Anil Ahuja morphs these sounds with house, moombahton, trap, hip hop, urban, drum and bass, and dubstep, effectively inviting everyone onto the dance floor. As he ramps up the intensity throughout his performance, the bar is continually reset with every transition, carrying the party into the wee hours of the early morning. That energy begins in the booth.
    Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR
    • DeepHouse
    • House
  • DTM

    DTM grew up with his headphones ON. His journey down the rabbit hole began at 12 when he got a club compilation CD for xmas. And the first tune on it was ‘underworld’ - born slippy. From then he was hooked. Moving into the smoother uplifting sounds of Ibiza at a young age, the journey progressed into tech trance, and then eventually finding Hard house and hard trance. Although the golden era for him has passed, the combination of new and old in his sets keeps him passionate about making people feel that insatiable power of the combined genres of uplifting, hard, tech and harder… all the way up to 150bpm [sometimes ;0]
    Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR
    • Trance
  • Jeremy Chan

    Since falling in love with trance after a Paul Oakenfold show at age 19, Jeremy Chan starting DJ-ing around his university and then returned to Hong Kong to play at local underground dance events Tranception and Project X-852. Initially melding uplifting tunes with the classic sounds of the early 2000s, Jeremy now channels his passion for the darker, faster and more aggressive undertones of psychedelic trance.
    Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR
    • Trance
  • Kors

    Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR
    • Drum&Bass
    • PsyTrance
  • Ocean Lam

    Strip away the flashy elements of “nightlife” to reveal the core of it all: the artist, the music and artistry; all of which Ocean Lam has built and cultivated with drive and passion over more than a decade. With a signature sound void of pretension and any need to be trendy, enveloping listeners with her own personality and story as basslines pump and roll between slicing snares adrift delicate vocals. Continuously spiraling and building upwards, playful and bouncing but no less severe or moody, Ocean Lam’s sound is atmospheric, shifting moods and energies whichever way she sees fit. A leader of Hong Kong’s growing electronic music scene and a long-standing female maverick in the overall Asian scene, Ocean Lam holds residences at Hong Kong’s top underground clubs, oma and Social Room, while serving as Social Room’s Music Director. She tirelessly works and collaborates regularly with local DJs and crews, as well as exposing the local audience to regional a...
    Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR
    • House
    • Minimal
    • Techno
  • Dr Zigman
  • I am Rave Ma² (aka Rave Mama) I believe everyone in their heart living a Rave Mama like me, who love dancing a little harder, diving into music deeper and love meeting kind, funny people at Rave. What I love mostly, is to see people smiling while listening to music at Rave, having the time for yourself. Chasing the Rave dream in this small city of Hong Kong, I wanted to mix with electronic music genres, being open-minded to explore and respect differences, at the same time, enjoying the moment together. And giving the opportunity for DJs to play music by their heart. You never know as what it turns out to be is actually not bad at all. We often argue which music is better. I believe anything is better just depends WHO you with, WHERE you are, WHEN do you do it. Don't limit yourself to look around. Today, I sincere welcome you to join Rave Ma²! Any Events, Electronic Dance Music news, Raves in Hong Kong are welcome to post in here.
    Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR

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