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21 Jul 2023

EDM: The Soundtrack to Success for High-Achieving Students, Survey Reveals

by mike.lee | News


In a world where music and productivity often go hand in hand, a groundbreaking study conducted by College Rover has shed light on the perfect study playlist, and it seems like electronic dance music (EDM) is taking the lead. The study, which gathered insights from over 1,000 students, confirms that nearly 50% of students with high GPAs prefer to immerse themselves in the beats of artists like ODESZA, Aphex Twin, and DROELOE while hitting the books.

Surprisingly, EDM and lo-fi emerged as the top two genres for studious individuals, with pop music closely following, representing 44% of respondents' choices. However, what's truly fascinating is the correlation between certain genres and academic success. Students with high GPAs of 3.5 or above showed a strong inclination towards classical, instrumental, indie, jazz, and folk music, as these genres dominated their study playlists.

Comparatively, those with GPAs of 2.5 or lower seemed to find motivation in rap music while hitting the books. The researchers found that individuals with higher GPAs were four times more likely to opt for instrumental music over metal, demonstrating the power of mellower tunes when it comes to academic focus.

Spotify's API played a significant role in this insightful study, as the researchers analyzed study playlists to discover which songs and artists correlated with higher academic achievement. Notably, they found that lyrics-rich music might not be as conducive to cognitive ability, as research published in the National Library of Medicine suggests that lyrics can interfere with cognitive tasks. Understanding this, Spotify ensured that study playlists were tailored for maximum efficiency, setting the loudness normalization to -14dB LUFS, while the playlists in this study averaged -16dB LUFS, providing students with the optimal focus-inducing experience.

When it comes to specific favorites, the study revealed intriguing patterns among male and female students. Taylor Swift, The Weeknd, and SZA topped the charts for female students, while The Weeknd, 21 Savage, and Kendrick Lamar emerged as the top choices among male students. Among the EDM enthusiasts, Aphex Twin, ODESZA, and DROELOE were the clear favorites, resonating with students who sought electronic vibes to fuel their academic endeavors.
Sounds of Success Percentage of Students With High GPAs
Sounds of Success Percentage of Students With High GPAs

As students strive for academic excellence, it's clear that their choice of background music can play a pivotal role in enhancing productivity and concentration. Whether it's the enchanting melodies of instrumental music or the energetic beats of EDM, students are harnessing the power of music to elevate their study experiences. The full study, packed with further insights and discoveries, is available for those eager to explore the fascinating connection between music and academic achievement.

In conclusion, if you're looking to ace your exams and boost your academic performance, consider tuning into some EDM tracks or exploring the world of instrumental music. The rhythm and melodies may just hold the key to unlocking your full potential while you conquer the challenges of education.

Read the full study here.