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Thugshop presents - All Night Long with Wata Igarashi

Artwork for Thugshop presents - All Night Long with Wata Igarashi
Dec 2 2023
22:00 - 4:00
66 Boat Quay Singapore
Saturday nights are made for dancing, so it’s time to return home to Headquarters and get ready to dance your night away with Wata Igarashi.

Wata Igarashi is one of the lead­ing fig­ures of Japan­ese tech­no, emerg­ing from the country’s deep rela­tion­ship with elec­tron­ic music. ​‘Cos­mic dra­ma’ sums up Igarashi’s sound, con­veying the unique com­bi­na­tion of pow­er and psy­che­delia that defines his work. Igarashi’s approach reflects a cer­tain Japan­ese aes­thet­ic, a recog­ni­tion of the force and beau­ty that comes from pay­ing care­ful atten­tion to details, making sure everything is exact­ly as it should be. His pro­duc­tions are pre­cise­ly engi­neered for max­i­mum impact, with Igarashi’s sig­na­ture arpeg­gios standing out on the dance­floor. This men­tal­i­ty is equal­ly present in his DJ sets and live per­for­mances, where his tight mix­ing and con­trol over fre­quen­cies cre­ate a potent blend of ener­gy and emo­tion.

Hav­ing released on labels includ­ing Fig­ure, Seman­ti­ca, Time to Express, The Bunker NY, Omni­disc, Bit­ta, and Midgar, Igarashi has been devel­op­ing his own WIP plat­form as an out­let for his music. His remixing tal­ents are in high demand, with his ver­sion of Auro­ra Halal being a stand­out, appearing in RA’s top tracks of 2019. From his home base in Tokyo, Igarashi reg­u­lar­ly tours across the globe, con­tin­u­ing to explore and refine his sin­gu­lar vision of elec­tron­ic music.

On the decks of Upstairs, Thugshop’s very own - Sivanesh & Ulysses

You can count on Sivanesh and Ulysses to take you on a cosmic journey as they weave effortlessly between funk, soul, energetic house and your favourite disco ditties.

- No ID, no entry.
- Minimum age requirement : 23+
- No flash photography.
- No illicit substances.
- No outside food & drinks.
- Strictly no smoking indoors.
- Please respect the vibe.

Please note that there will be no entry to the event without a valid ticket. The management reserves the right to refuse entry at its own discretion. Club rules apply. Any guest found in violation of the rules will be asked to leave the event.
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  • Sivanesh

    It’s hard to pin Sivanesh’s style down. Crafting and developing his own brand of sultry off-kilter house and groovy heads-down techno through his long-standing residency at CÉ LA VI Singapore, his sound goes above and beyond current genres and trends. At its 5th year now, the residency sees him taking charge of the world-renowned main room, playing extended DJ-sets every Sunday night. Apart from this residency, Sivanesh is a regular fixture at some of the region’s most respected venues, with regular dates at The Headquarters and Kilo Lounge in Singapore. Co-founder of Sivilian Affairs and music director for Potato Head and Kilo in Singapore, Sivanesh also holds a monthly residency on AAJA Radio in London every third Monday of the month. Sivanesh’s sound goes beyond current trends in genres. Held together by equal amounts of rhythm & groove, his diverse playlists have led him to play alongside cult favourites such as Chaos In The CBD (In Dust We Trust), d’Julz (Bass Culture), Gerd Janson (Running Back), John Talabot (Hivern Discs), Kornél Kovács (Studio Barnhus), Okain (Talman Records), and Rampa (Keinemusik). Regional attention started after a well-received opening set at Cercle’s debut Asia show in 2019 with The Martinez Brothers. Since then, he has gone on to play at festivals and dance institutions across the region such as Airhouse (South Korea), Iron Fairies (Kuala Lumpur), Potato Head (Bali), Savage (Hanoi), Villa Project (Saigon), and Weekend Voyage (Phu Quoc). Powered by the belief that Asia is the place to be right now for dance music, Sivanesh co-founded the bookings and events agency Sivilian Affairs, which emphasises local and regional talents. In line with his goals of strengthening the Asian dance scene and building a healthy ecosystem through Sivilian Affairs, recent bookings for their parties include Baldo (Subwax) from Barcelona, Dr Yez (Tantra) from Bali, Jesse You (Walls & Pals) from Seoul, Jonnyvicious (Shagrilla) from Kuala Lumpur, Manikk (Savage) from Hanoi, Roshan (SaturdaySelects) from Kuala Lumpur, and Dexter Colt, Leland, Mako, Ramesh K, and The Weatherman from Singapore. Citing seminal American house music duo Mood II Swing as an early musical influence, Sivanesh's diverse playlists are held together by equal amounts of groove and soul. His roots will always be house, but being open-minded and anchored in the belief that only quality matters and genres do not, he is always aware of what the room he is playing for needs. That may be his best trait. It is this versatility that enables him to share the stage with some of the finest selectors in the world, such as Chloe (Bpitch), Chaos In The CBD (In Dust We Trust), d’Julz (Bass Culture), Jasper James (Optimo Trax), Rampa (Keinemusik), and more, in the last few months. More recently, he was selected by Cercle to warm up for their debut Asia show with The Martinez Brothers in November 2019, and then ended the year with a well-received DJ set at the Rainforest Pavilion at the Wonderfruit festival in Thailand. He might surprise you with a track from an unexpected corner, but that's exactly what he intends to do.
    Singapore, Singapore
    • House
    • Techno
  • Wata Igarashi

    ̸BIOGRAPHY Wata Igarashi has developed a clear sound of his own. He brings together the euphoric and psychedelic, with his music standing out for its crystalline structures and shimmering intensity. Igarashi’s distinctive take on techno is on display across a series of EPs on Midgar and The Bunker NY, as well as on Semantica, Time to Express, and Bitta. Recent standout remixes of Aurora Halal, Volte-Face and Prins Thomas have further demonstrated his considerable talents as a producer. The same mentality is present in his performances, whether DJing or playing live, with his measured control of frequencies and intensities shaping the dancefloor as he explores the more psychedelic dimensions of techno. In this way, Igarashi’s considered approach is one that stimulates the body and mind, generating energy and emotion. Wata Igarashiは独自のサウンドを確立したアーティストだ。緻密なサウンドデザインや構成力を持ち、陶酔感とサイケデリックさを融合させたIgarashi特有のテクノは、MidgarやThe Bunker NYの一連のEPやSemantica、Time to Express、 Bittaのリリースで聴く事ができる。また彼のプロデューサーとしての才能は、近年のAurora Halal、Volte-Face、 Prins Thomasの傑出したリミックス・ワークでも顕著に表れている。彼はDJやライブといったパフォーマンスにおいても、制作と同じ精神性を持っていて、緻密な音響とエネルギーのコントロールでテクノのさらなるサイケデリックな次元を探求し、ダンスフロアを陶酔へと導く。Igarashiのアプローチは身体と心の両方を刺激し、強いエネルギーと感情を生み出す。 ̸ SELECTED DISCOGRAPHY 2016 Stealth 2/3: Night [Time to Express] NNN08: Death Orange [Semantica] Ciphers EP [Midgar] Haziest Just Before The Dawn [Bitta] Semantica10. IV [Semantica] 2015 Pulse Width (Wata Igarashi Remix) - Ruhig [Midgar] 2014 Junctions EP [Midgar] Acid Bubblebath (Wata Igarashi Remix) - SERi [Acidworx] 2013 Mariana Wax 000 [Mariana Wax] Paranoid EP [Counter Pulse] Rotating Field EP [Sienna Obscure] 2012 Carp (Wata Igarashi Remix)/ Jin Hiyama [Gynoid Audio] 2011 Middle Eye Black EP [Statra Recordings] As It Is EP [Gynoid Audio]
    Singapore, Singapore
    • TechHouse
    • Techno
  • Ulysses (MUGIC SG)