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13 Dec 2023

Siwilai Radical Club: Bangkok's Sustainable Venue Opens Doors

by | News



Siwilai Radical Club, a groundbreaking addition to Bangkok's vibrant nightlife, is set to redefine the city's social scene through a fusion of music, culture, and circular design. Opening doors past  8th December with a stellar party featuring 30 Years of Metalheadz with Goldie.


In collaboration with SIWILAI, Bali-based Space Available Studio, and Indonesian architecture atelier Sidarta and Sandjaja, MORE, Thailand's foremost producer of sustainable materials;  the club brings to Thonglor, a lively international cultural hub.


The venue, designed with a focus on sustainability, utilizes recycled materials to create a space reminiscent of iconic 70s nightclubs. The architectural concept employs recycled plastic, reflecting the energy of the new generation and showcasing a commitment to waste reduction through innovative design.



Thonglor's ever-evolving nature is mirrored in the club's contrasting zones, each defined by distinct materials. The club area features bold orange plastic, creating an open and spacious dance floor, while the restaurant zone utilizes natural wood for a comfortable and inviting ambiance. The tunnel connecting the two areas guides patrons through a consistent design, maintaining harmony and identity.


Siwilai Radical Club transforms over five tons of plastic waste into a visually striking venue, contributing to Bangkok's circular design conversation. Collaborating with eco-conscious partners, the club pioneers the repurposing of plastic waste for both its façade and interiors.




Operating as an all-day hangout, the venue offers daytime dining with a diverse menu, transitioning to 'New Age Thai' cuisine in the evening. The adjoining Discotheque club, equipped with a cutting-edge sound system by NNNN and Ojas, provides a danceable atmosphere for music enthusiasts until the late hours.


NNNN, a Norwegian sound studio, contributes to the club's unique atmosphere, providing speaker systems with distinctive personalities and soulful sound. Founded in 2016, NNNN blends vintage and novel technologies to create quality tools for studio recording and live performances.


Devon Turnbull, known as OJAS, is a versatile artist and Audio Engineer. Co-founder of Nom de Guerre in 2003, he maintained the OJAS alias across disciplines like graffiti, music, and design. Specializing in high-efficiency speakers and tube amplifiers, OJAS's audio creations reflect two decades of experimentation. His work contributes to the distinctive sound environment at Siwilai Radical Club, enriching the venue's atmosphere with realistic, natural sound.



Siwilai Radical Club goes beyond being just a venue; it is a movement towards sustainable ideas. The collaboration aims to spark conversations about environmental consciousness, with SIWILAI initiating a dialogue on circular thinking in design.